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  • Department of Surgery

    Department of Surgery

    The department provides specialized services like diagnosis and therapeutic gastro-intestinal endoscopy; laproscopic surgery; and endourology for treatment of urinary calculus, urinary bladder tumors, and prostratic disease. The department has contributed in WHO project for development of ‘A Teaching Module on Prevention and Control of Injury for Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum’. The department activity participates in National Family Welfare Programme for non-scalpel vasectomy (NSV) operations.

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  • Department of Radiology

    Department of Radiology

    Special investigative facilities available are barium series, IVP, cholecystography, ERCP, hysterosalipingrography, angiography, mammography, xeroradiography, ultrasound including endo-vaginal and endo-rectal and colour Doppler. Automatic film processors are available for quick and better development of films. Among the projects in hand are eye US, thyroid and breast US, musculo-skeletal US, joint evaluation and detection of early osteomyelitis. The department also runs an x-ray technician course at 10+2 level and a B.Sc. (Medical Technology) Radiography course.

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  • Department of Psychiatry

    Department of Psychiatry

    Special clinics run by the department are psychosexual guidance, child guidance, headache and de-addiction. The major research areas are quality of life in mental disorders, headache, child psychiatry, alcohol dependence, sleep disorders, and psycho sexual disorders.

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  • Department of Physiology

    Department of Physiology

    he department is actively engaged in the basic and applied research in the fields of cardiovascular, respiratory system, neurophysiology, clinical electrophysiology including evoked potential, environmental and work place physiology, pain and behaviour physiology. The main thrust of work are: 1) Cardiovascular and pulmonary response in vascular disease and industrial workers; 2) Monitoring of sensory and cognitive functions; 3) Brain function in mal-nourished children; 4) ucms

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  • Department of Pharmacology

    Department of Pharmacology

    The thrust areas of research are: a) Psychoneuropharmacology of stress, pain and convulsive disorders; neurobehavioral aspects of drug abuse; opioid and indigenous drug pharmacology. b) Clinical pharmacology for which the department is equipped with spectrophotometer, spectroflourometer. The department has acquired, some time ago, a binary HPLC system with Pentium IV computer for integration.

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  • Department of Pathology

    Department of Pathology

    Histopathology section of the department has an annual output of over 84,000 investigations. Facilities of histochemical and immunohistochemical test, phenotyping of tumours and ultra-structural studies are available. Autopsy services consist mostly of neonatal autopsies. Cytopathology section has an output of over 46,000 specimens comprising fine-needle aspiration gynaecologic and other exfoliative material.

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  • Department of Paediatrics

    Department of Paediatrics

    The department has 200 beds including 36 bedded Level–III NICU. It attends to about 15000 deliveries and more than 2000 admission in the NICU. Department runs a state of art Thalassaemia Day Care Centre with Iron Chelation Therapy facility. The Pediatrics Casualty is well equipped to treat all childhood emergencies. The department has started providing specialized services to the community by establishing a Child Development Clinic as well as a Hemophilia Day Care Centre.

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  • Department of Otorhinolaryngology

    Department of Otorhinolaryngology

    The department is approved as a centre for advanced bionic cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing aids. The department has been doing the maximum number of middle ear implants in Delhi. The department has added the facility for sialendoscopy organizes and navigation system in endoscopic surgery for skull base, nose and paranasal sinuses. The department organize Advanced Course on Recent Advances in Ear Surgery, each year. Recently and International Course on Middle Ear Reconstruction was held and it was very well attended and appreciated by the delegates.

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  • Department of Orthopaedics

    Department of Orthopaedics

    The department is a reputed centre for indigenous method of allogenic bone banking, modern techniques in repair and regeneration of bone and state of art managamenent in skeletal tuberculosis. The other thrust areas are total joint replacement and reconstructive surgery in poliomyelitis cerebral palsy and neglected trauma.

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  • Department of Ophthalmology

    Department of Ophthalmology

    Major equipments available in the department are Haag Streit Slit Lamp, Fundus Camera, Photo Slit Lamp, Electronic Tonography, Keratometers, Phacotome, Operating Microscope, Synaptophones, Applanation Tonometer, Direct and Indirect Ophthalmoscopers, Prism Bars, Hertel’s Exophthalmometer and Cryo Machine. The department is conducting anterior segment surgery, and occuloplastic orbit and lacrimal surgery.

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  • Department Of  Microbiology

    Department Of Microbiology

    The Department of Microbiology is catering to a vast array of laboratory services to patients of GTB Hospital and referred from other Hospitals of East Delhi. Currently approx. 5.0 lakhs diagnostic tests are processed each year in 11 sections of the department. The HIV testing centre-VCCTC & PPTCT, currently redesignated as ICTC, established in 1992 under the administration of DSACS / NACO, performs approx. 6000 tests per year.

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  • Department of Obstetrics And Gynaecology

    Department of Obstetrics And Gynaecology

    The department has 187 beds. It provided tertiary care services in various subspecialities such as oncology, reproductive medicine, adolescence, geriatrics gynaecology and family planning. The department runs special clinics on adolescent gynaecology, high risk pregnancies, infertility, oncology and menopause. Facilities for ultrasonography, colposcopy, minimal invasive surgery by laparoscopy and hysteroscopy are available.

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  • Department of Medicin

    Department of Medicin

    The department developed pedigree profile and sub-clinical atherosclerosis assessment model in young coronary artery disease and started continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis for treatment of patients with end-stage renal failure. In the endocrine division, a separate endocrinology clinic and twice-weekly diabetes clinics have been started. The endocrine & metabolic lab. has also grown in capacity and infrastructure with procurement of various equipments. Diabetes, Endocrine & Metabolic ward has started to further strengthen the endocrine services.

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  • Department of Medicine

    Department of Medicine

    The department developed pedigree profile and sub-clinical atherosclerosis assessment model in young coronary artery disease and started continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis for treatment of patients with end-stage renal failure. In the endocrine division, a separate endocrinology clinic and twice-weekly diabetes clinics have been started. The endocrine & metabolic lab. has also grown in capacity and infrastructure with procurement of various equipments. Diabetes, Endocrine & Metabolic ward has started to further strengthen the endocrine services.

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  • Department of Forensic Medicine

    Department of Forensic Medicine

    The department conducts more than 1600 medico-legal autopsies per year. In addition, it also provides expert opinion and court evidence in large number of cases. Various faculty members act as expert on various selection committees, deliver guest lectures and served as members of the editorial boards. Faculty members of the department work in the capacity of chairman/members in large number of review/ postmortem boards constituted by different Govt. agencies like Delhi Govt. CBI, etc.

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  • Department of Dermatology

    Department of Dermatology

    Besides routine ambulatory and inpatient dermatology services, the department runs a follow-up clinic for patients with vesiculobullous and pigmentary disorders, lichens planus, cutaneous tuberculosis, psoriasis and pediatric dermatologic disorders. Special clinics for leprosy and sexually transmitted diseases are also run daily. In addition a weekly dermantosurgery clinic is held for patients.

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  • Department of Pedodontic And Preventive Dentistry

    Department of Pedodontic And Preventive Dentistry

    The services provided by the Department encompass a plethora of dental treatment modalities such as endodontic therapy, orthodontic correction of irregular teeth and major oral surgical procedures apart form the routine day to day services like tooth extractions, intra-oral radiography, scaling and oral prophylaxis.

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  • Department of Community Medicine

    Department of Community Medicine

    The department continued to provide health care facilities in Gazipur and Dhallupura urbanized villages of East Delhi through its Urban Health Centres. The residential rural postings of the interns and postgraduates are at the Rural Health and Training Centre, Satyawadi Raja Harish Chandra Hospital, Narela. The interns are posted for one month each at both the UHTC and RHTC. The post-graduates and interns are trained in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare.

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  • Department of Bio statistics And Medical Informatics

    Department of Bio statistics And Medical Informatics

    This Department was initially called Computer Centre and then Division of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics and started in the year 1995 as an independent unit. It was upgraded as the full Department in the year 2005. The first Head of the Department was Dr. A. Indrayan. The Department provides all biostatistics and computer related services. All kinds of biostatistical consultation from the planning stage of the analysis of data are provided to the faculty for research and post-graduate theses.

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  • Department of Biochemistry

    Department of Biochemistry

    The department participated in "In-service Training in Medical Laboratory Technology" Programme. Besides routine biochemical investigations the department manages 24-hour emergency laboratory service. More than 5 lakhs biochemical investigation were performed in routine lab and 2.5 lakhs investigations in emergency lab last year.

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  • Department of Anatomy

    Department of Anatomy

    The department is equipped with an air conditioned dissection hall, a histology lab and enough facilities for self-study besides a highly qualified faculty to guide the students. An air-conditioned computer room with four computers containing all the anatomy lectures in PowerPoint presentation form, many text books and labeled photographs of all museum specimens and models have been added to the Department. An ultramodern histology laboratory with projection facilities is also a recent acquisition.

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  • Department of Anaesthesiology

    Department of Anaesthesiology

    The department is very well known in Delhi and India for its quality of patient care, teaching and research. Besides providing anaesthesia services for surgical cases, the department also has an 8-beded Main ICU and 6-beded Trauma ICU. The department also provides pain management services and resuscitation facilities in all the areas of the hospital as and when required, and manages Central Sterilization Supply Department and Medical Gas Store of the hospital.

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