Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants CIMAP

Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants CIMAP
City Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Admission Notices

    CIMAP - A premier research organization of India

    To make India a leading country in the area of medicinal and aromatic plants in the production, use profitability, and export; for delivering efficient technologies ; and to develop human resources on medicinal and aromatic plants


    The main achievements revolve around the following activities:

    Domestication and development of improved cultivars and agronomic practices for indigenous medicinal and aromatic plants.

    Introduction of exotic medicinal and aromatic plants of commercial importance.

    Development of process technologies and extension of know-how among the farmers, entrepreneurs and industry.

    Some of landmark impact making achievements of the institute are:

    Development of high-yielding varieties of Japanese mint(MAS-1, Kalka, Himalaya, Kosi and Sambhav), spearmint(MSS-1 and MSS-5), scotch spearmint (MCAS-2), Bergamot mint(Kiran), hill mint(Supriya and Ganga), palmarosa(PRC-1, Trishna and Tripta), citronella (Bio-13, Manjusha and Mandakini), lemograss(Pragati, Praman, Cauvery and Krishna), Vetiver(KS-1, KS-2, Sugandha and Dharini), lavender(Sher-E-Kashmir) and Rose (Noorjehan), pyrethrum (Avadh).

    Introduction of Bulgarian rose in Kashmir valley and geranium and pyrethrum in the north Indian plains.

    Development of know-how of menthol crystallization and fractionation of dementhlized mint oil (DMO) for value added products, development of modern distillation plant for rose oil and improved field distillation unit for essential oil.

    A superior strain of Artemisia annua for high yields of the antimalarial compound artemisinin, efficient methods of artemisinin extraction and arteether synthesis from artemisin.

    Training on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (Sponsored by Small Industries Development Bank of India) CIMAP periodically conducts training programmes in various cities of India to upgrade the skills of entrepreneurs engaged in the area of medicinal and aromatic plants cultivation and processing. The training calender for the year 2001is given below. The course content is designed for important medicinal and aromatic crops which can be economically and profitably grown in the city and nearby areas where it is conducted.

    Indian Citizens are invited to participate in these training programmes. The details of the programmes are as under:

    Major Future Programmes

    Development of improved varieties of and related agrotechnologies for the medicinal and aromatic plants of national and international importance using both plant breeding and genetic engineering methods.

    Efficient utilisation of cultivable land including waste-, marginal- and dry-lands through development of appropriate technologies.

    Development of genetically engineered edible vaccines/ plants and fourth generation antibiotic(s). Plant molecular biology and biotechnology studies on secondary metabolites.

    Construction of pest resistant ,medicinal and aromatic plants to control losses in cultivation from nematodes, insects and diseases.

    Bioprospection for phytochemicals active against human pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites and agricultural and stored food pests.

    Training programme for R&D personnel, farmers, entrepreneurs for enlargement and focussing of research efforts and production of medicinal and aromatic plants materials.

    Gene Bank for commercially important medicinal and aromatic plants.

    P.O. CIMAP,
    Near Kukrail Picnic Spot Road,
    Uttar Pradesh

    Phone No :-0522-359625, 359623
    Fax No :-0522-342666
    [email protected]


    Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants CIMAP offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.

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      Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants CIMAP

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