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Electricity is one of the most important chapters of Physics.

  • Electric Charge and Theory of electrification
  • Electric current
  • Electric potential and potential difference
  • Symbols and Electric circuit 
  • Ohm’s Law and Resistance
  • Factors affecting the resistance of the conductor
  • Resistivity and classification of substances
  • Resistors connected in series
  • Resistors connected in parallel
  • Advantages of parallel over series connections
  • Heating effect of current and Joules law
  • Applications of Joules heating effect
  • Electric Power
  • Numericals:
    • Resistivity
    • Ohm’s Law
    • Series Combination
    • Heating Effect of Current
    • Resistance in Parallel
    • Electric Current & Potential Difference
    • Electric Power

Physics (Class 10)

  1. Electricity
  2. Magnetic Effects of Current
  3. Sources of Energy
  4. Light: Reflection and Refraction
  5. The Human Eye and The Colourful World