Light: Reflection and Refraction

  1. Reflection of Light and Laws of Reflection
  2. Types of Images: Real, Virtual, Erect and Inverted
  3. Image formation by Plane Mirrors – done
  4. Spherical Mirrors: Concave and Convex type
  5. Important Terms in Spherical Mirrors
  6. New Cartesian Sign Conventions of Spherical Mirrors
  7. Rules for Obtaining Images by Spherical Mirrors
  8. Image formation by Concave Mirror
  9. Applications of Concave mirror
  10. Image formation by Convex Mirror
  11. Applications of Convex mirror
  12. Mirror Formula and Magnification
  13. Numericals of Concave Mirror
  14. Numericals of Convex Mirror
  15. Refraction of Light
  16. Cause of Refraction of light
  17. Laws of Refraction
  18. Refraction through a Glass Slab and Lateral Displacement
  19. Applications of Refraction in daily life
  20. Absolute Refractive Index
  21. Relative Refractive Index
  22. Spherical Lens: Concave and Convex type
  23. Image formation by Concave Lens
  24. Image formation by Convex Lens – Part 1
  25. Image formation by Convex Lens – Part 2
  26. Uses of Lenses
  27. Lens Formula and Magnification
  28. Power of a Lens
  29. Numericals  of Concave Lens
  30. Numericals of Convex Lens

Physics (Class 10)

  1. Electricity
  2. Magnetic Effects of Current
  3. Sources of Energy
  4. Light: Reflection and Refraction
  5. The Human Eye and The Colourful World