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List of Departments
  • Department Of Physics

    Department Of Physics

    The department of Physics has a century old past and has come through the era of revolutionary thoughts in the world of physics to the present century of technological revolution. As far back in 1926, Prof. Satyendra Nath Bose and Prof. Meghnad Saha , then post graduate students of Calcutta University used to come to this department to study original works of Max. Planck and Albert Einstein. Our library was so rich even at that time under the able leadership of Prof. Bruhl. They also used to do their M.Sc. practical in the laboratory of this physics department.

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  • Department of Mathematics

    Department of Mathematics

    Since the inception of B. E. College the Department of Mathematics earned a glorious heritage of conducting research activities in various fields of Applied Mathematics. The department also undertakes teaching of Mathematics, including Statistics, Operations Research, Numerical Analysis and Computational Techniques using computers, to undergraduate and postgraduate students in various branches of Engineering, Architecture and Master of Computer Applications. A number of research activities are being carried out in the Department on => Fracture Machines

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  • Department Of Mining Engineering

    Department Of Mining Engineering

    The Department of Mining Engineering at IIEST, Shibpur was the pioneer in imparting Mining Engineering education in the country. Today, it stands as one of the most diverse and vibrant departments encompassing all disciplines within Mining Engineering and associates areas. Our students are trained in sound fundamental theories in engineering backed by state-of-the-art laboratory and computational facilities. The department has regular intense interactions with the industries, which help the students to get abreast with the latest developments.

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  • Department of Metallurgy And Materials Engineering

    Department of Metallurgy And Materials Engineering

    The Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering started its journey at the Bengal Engineering College in 1939 as Department of Metallurgy, Chemistry and Geology with the introduction of a three year degree course in Metallurgy under the Calcutta University. Bengal Engineering College is one of the oldest engineering institutions in India and the department is the second oldest metallurgy department of the country.

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  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Department of Mechanical Engineering

    The inception of the Mechanical Engineering Department may be traced back to 1921 when a diploma course in Mechanical Engineering was started in this Institute. The Department provides ample laboratory facilities and hands-on training to the Undergraduate students both in the conventional subject as also in the emerging fields of specialization. The department also takes different theory classes and conducts laboratory experiments for other branches of Engineering viz.

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  • Department Of Information Technology

    Department Of Information Technology

    The Department of Information Technology started its journey in 2000. It is one of the youngest departments of this 150 years old University. The department has produced excellent IT engineers who are serving in different reputed organizations and pursuing higher studies at Institutes of excellence. The department provides state of the art computational facilities for the students. The strength of the department has been in its diverse areas of research in which it has a remarkable contribution. Vision

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  • Department of Human Resource Management

    Department of Human Resource Management

    Major Activities => Facilitating on Campus / Off Campus selection process for job placements of the students. => Vacational Training / Internship Programme for students. => Grooming and Counseling of the students. => Entrepreneurship Development. => Exploring other career options for the students. => Industry Interface / Contact Activities. => Offering Ph. D. Programme. => Research and Consultancy. => IPR Facilitation. => Industry sponsored Scholarships => Remedial Training for students. => Technology Business Incubation => NRDC-IIEST Innovation Facilitation Centre

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  • Department Of Humanities

    Department Of Humanities

    The establishment of the Department of Humanities in 1945 reflected a holistic and pragmatic approach to engineering education in the modern era. Engineering graduates, when they step out into the real world, are not only required to have expertise in their respective specializations but also have to have good communication skills and an understanding as well as knowledge of the society and economy in which they would operate. It is also imperative that they should have adequate managerial skills so as to cope with the recent changes in the social and economic environment of business.

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  • Department of Electronics And Telecommunication

    Department of Electronics And Telecommunication

    The Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering started functioning as a separate discipline of Engineering in July, 1968. During these years, this department has diversified its activities in teaching and research. Considerable effort has been put forward during the last five years towards setting up new undergraduate and postgraduate laboratories and augmenting the facilities in the existing laboratories. This has been possible mostly due to generous Direct Central Assistance and World Bank IMPACT Project.

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  • Department of Electrical Engineering

    Department of Electrical Engineering

    Vision : To attain a position of international excellence in educational and research activities related to Electrical Engineering Mission:

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  • Department of Earth Sciences

    Department of Earth Sciences

    Bengal Engineering and Science University and the subject Geology possess a century old relationship. Many eminent geo scientists have offered their teaching and research expertise in the past. Previously teaching in geology was introduced in this university to meet the need of the would be engineering graduates only in Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering branches.

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  • Department of Computer Science and Technology

    Department of Computer Science and Technology

    Department of Computer Science and Technology established in 1982, is the 2nd youngest of the ten Engineering departments in the one and half century old Bengal Engineering College (DU). The CST department, since its inception, has maintained a steady growth in every sphere of its activities and played an important role in bringing a vibrant and forward looking academic environment within the University.

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  • Department of Civil Engineering

    Department of Civil Engineering

    Founded in May, 1856, the Department of Civil Engineering, as old as the Bengal Engineering College itself, is the 149 years old Engineering Department. The Department was, originally established as the Civil Engineering College, Calcutta with the object of imparting training to the personnel in the field of Civil Engineering for fulfillment of the need of the Public Works Department of the Government of India. Since then it has been striving to develop and maintain a glorious national tradition of producing quality Civil Engineers for the country.

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  • Department of Chemistry

    Department of Chemistry

    The Department of Chemistry has its origin from the starting of the college. With passage of years, and following the growth of the college, the department has expanded manifold in recent years.

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  • Department of Architecture, Town and Regional Planning

    Department of Architecture, Town and Regional Planning

    Vision The vision of our Department is to carry forward our legacy that aims in making a student aware of the cultural, social, historical and technological aspects of design from the micro to the global scale with the aim to enhance quality of life on individuals and communities through a sustainable and humane approach to the profession, rooted in responsible use of resources and sensitive to ethno-cultural diversity of human kind. Mission

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  • Department Of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics

    Department Of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics

    The department of Applied Mechanics was established as a separate major engineering department in 1947 and subsequently the Drawing Section was attached to it in late fifties. Over the years, the department garnered enough human resources in the areas of fluid mechanics and structures. With effect from 2008 the department has been renamed as the department of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics.

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