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GATE 2k14 Eligibility Criteria

GATE 2k14 Eligibility Criteria


GATE 2k14 Eligibility Criteria given Below :

1. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria (given below) of GATE 2014.

2. Determine the GATE paper you wish to appear for. A candidate is allowed to appear in ONLY ONE paper.

3. Choose the City of choice to appear for the examination: There are three choices, in the order of preference. The candidate can choose a particular city as the first choice for appearing GATE 2014 examination. The corresponding zone to which this first choice city belongs will be known. The candidate can then choose his/ her second choice only from the cities available in that zone. However, as an additional option, a third choice is also introduced in GATE 2014.

The list of third choice cities will be as specified by each zone. Note that this third choice city may either be from the zone to which the first and second choice cities belong or from some other zone. The third choice will be considered only when the candidate could not be accommodated either in first or second choice cities. The tentative zone wise list of cities for GATE 2014 is given in Examination Cities. However, the GATE Committee reserves the right to add a new city or remove an existing city and allot a city that may not be any of the choices of a candidate.


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