CBSE Solved Sample Papers for Class 7 for English – First Term

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CBSE Solved Sample Papers for Class 7 for English Subject (Term 1)  is given below. The solved sample papers are created as per the latest CBSE syllabus and curriculum keeping in mind the latest marking schemes.


Q 1: Read the passage carefully and answer the right alternative from the option given below:

Children should be educated without pressure then should enter into adulthood free form damaging effects of tradition and fear. Free expression of thought should be given to the children. A child once asked Krishnamurthy. Is it your hobby to given lecture? Don’t you get tired of talking? Why are you doing it?” Krishnamurthy replied; “I am glad you asked that question. You know if you love something, you get never tired of it. I mean love in which there is no desire of wanting something out of it. If you are talking you are getting something out of it: money, reward, Sence of your importance; then there is weariness. Then it has no meaning because it is only self-fulfillment, but if there is love in your heart, it is like a fountain, always giving fresh water.”


  1. Children should be educated without (a) money (b) pressure (c) fear (d) books
  2. If you _________ something you  never get tired of it.

(a)    Love (b) hate (c) express (d) enjoy

  • What type of expression should be given to children.

(a)    Complex (b) busy (c) free (d) Damaging.

  • Which quality of Krishnamurthy excited the child

(a)    Enjoying  (b) listening (c) talking (d) talking

  • Weariness means feeling ___________

(a)    Anger (b) tiredness (c) joy (d) happiness

Ans:- 1(b) 2(c) 3(a) 4(d) 5(b)

Q.2.  Read the following passage and answer the question that follow

In England Gandhi ji at first, did not give his time entirely to his studies. Instead he tired to enjoy fashionable English gentlemen in every way like so many youngmen of his age he was attracted by what was new and foreign

He wasted lot of money on buying smart English clothes. He started taking lessons in ballroom dancing, in playing the violin etc. what a change from a shy boy on the ship who would not talk to the other passengers after three months, he suddenly realized how silly it was to waste good brother’s money on such things. After this he devoted all his time to serious studies. From the very childhood, when Gandhi ji found out he was doing a wrong thing he at once stopped doing it.


  • What purpose had driven Gandhi ji to England”

(a)    Wine (b) games (c) politics (d) studies.

  • Gandhi ji was a completely changed man for a period of __________

(a)    Two month (b) three months (c) Four months (d) five months

  • Who did Gandhi ji try to copy?

(a)    Friends (b) young men (c) young women (d) parents

  • In England he started many kinds of new things which one is not true?

(a)    Talking lessons in ballroom dancing
(b)   Buying smart English clothes
(c)    Playing the violin
(d)   Playing cards

  • Which opposite has been wrongly matched?

(a)    Attracted_repelled
(b)   Waste save
(c)    Shy_extrovert
(d)   Entirely_Completely


  • 1(d)
  • 2(b)
  • 3(a)
  • 4(d)
  • 5(d)

Q 3. Read the following passage and answer the question that follow:

When you watch the Republic Day parade. Do you wonder who built the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Rajpath and the India gate? They were mainly the work of Sir Edwin Lutyen’s Edwin Lutyen’s father, Charles Lutyen, was in British army. He was also a good painter.


(i)                  Who built Rashtrapati Bhavan?
(ii)                Where is India Gate situated?
(iii)               Who was Charles Lutyens? What did he do?
(iv)              The Republic is celebrated on _________________


(i)                  Edwin Lutyen built the Rashtrapati Bhavan
(ii)                India Gate is situated in New Delhi
(iii)               Charles Lutyens was Edwin Lutyen’s father. He was in British army.
(iv)              The Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January.

Section-B: (Writing)

Q 4. Write an application to the principal of your school requesting for concession in fee


To ,
The Principal
Saint Vivekanand School

I beg to say that I am the student of 7th class of your school. My father is working in the post office of krishan Nagar, his monthly is not two much to pay my school fees, so please gie me some concession so that I can continue my studies in your school.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely


Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for the present he sent on your birthday.


Examination Hall
New Delhi
Augst. 20, 20xx

My dear Uncle

Thanks for present you have sent me on my birthday. It will ever me of your love. This golden watch is a nice present. My friends have liked it very much. I needed a watch badly. It will make me punctual. Now I shall be never late for school.

I am thankful to you for such a nice gift. Pay my best regards to aunt.

With Regards

Yours lovingly

Q 5.  Write a paragraph on any one of the following

(a)    The recess perid
(b)   Morning walk
(c)    Pet animal

(a)    The recess period

The recess period has a great importance in the school time table. Both the teachers and the students wait eagerly for it. As soon as the recess bell goes the students rush out of the class rooms. There is much noise and laughter in the school. Some students go to the water tape, some enjoy refreshments. So students who are book worm remain in ht class room and do home task. Some rush to the play ground while some rush to the library. The teachers also enjoy the recess period in their own way. After the recess is over students rush in their class rooms once again it is quite and calm in the school.

(b)   Morning Walk.

Morning walk is the best way to start our day. We wake up early and reach the garden. In easily hours cool breeze blows. The sight is very charming. Everything is the garden looks very fresh. Walking barefooted on the grass is very beneficial. The whole place gives a calm look. Flower give out sweet smell, birds are chirping in the tress. We take some light exercise.  It is rightly saying that who takes morning walk never fall ill. I really enjoy morning walk.

(c)    Pet Animal

There are some pet animals which we keep in our house. My pen animal is dog. I call it Amly. It is very lovely. It is colour is white. it sharp teeth. It has long tail. It has shining eyes. It has long hair on its body. It runs very fast. It eats bread and meat and drinks mild. Amly is very cleaver. It is always alert. It watches our house at night. It knows friends and foes. It barks at the strangers. No body can cheat it. Amly loves me. When I come from the school, it feels happy. It plays with me. It licks my feet and wags its tail. I love my pet very much.

Section – C: (Grammer)

Q 6.  Choose the opposite of the following adjectives from the given alternatives using suitable prefix.

  • Due

(a)    Indue
(b)   Redue
(c)    Undue
(d)   Duel

  • Discipline

(a)    Non Discipline
(b)   Indiscipline
(c)    undiscipline
(d)   rediscipline

1. (c) Undue
2. (b) indiscipline

Q. 7: Combine the following sentences by choosing the most appropriate conjunction form the given alternatives.

1. No body likes her ____________ she is talkative.

(a) and
(b) therefore
(c ) then
(d ) as

2 .  He is poor_________ happy.

(a)    Therefore
(b)   And
(c)    But
(d)   So

1. (d) as
2. (c ) but

Q 8. Fill in the blanks with suitable modals.

  • You ___________ obey your parents.

(a)    Can
(b)   Might
(c)    Should
(d)   May

  • I ________sing a song.

(a)    Can
(b)   Should
(c)    Might
(d)   Will


1 (c ) should
2(a) can

Q 9. Arrange the jumbled words to make proper sentences:-

(i)                  friend/Ravi/best/is/my.
(ii)                School/teacher//English/Mr./Sharma/in

(i)  Ravi is my best friend.
(ii ) Mr. Sharma teaches English in school.

Q 10. Change the following sentences in to passive voice.

(i)                  She made a beautiful doll.
(ii)                Mother was washing clothes.
(iii)               I know him.

Ans:- (i)  A beautiful doll was made by her.

(ii ) Clothes were being washed by her.
(iii ) He is known to me.

Q 11 :- Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition:-

(i)                  Rama was afraid _________ a snake.
(ii)                Mother is _________ the kitchen.

Ans:- (i) of (ii ) in

Section –D : (Literature)

Q 12 :- Read the following passage and answer the question that follow:

The tone was not one of anger, nor of sorrow, not even of contempt, but there was in something quiet that froze the blood. He put his head down and pressed a finger on the place on the left blood endeavoring to be fashionable, was not quit comfortable.


(i)                  Who is ‘He’?
(ii)                Why he put his hand down?
(iii)               What did he endeavor?
(iv)              Choose a word which means hate?


(i)                  ‘He’ is Mr. Gessler.
(ii)                He put his hand down and pressed a finger in the place of left boot.
(iii)               His endeavor was to be fasionable
(iv)              Contempt.

Q 13. Read the following extract carefully and tick the correct answer for the question given below:

Explore the meadow houses

The burrows on the ground

A nest beneath tall grasses

The aunt’s amazing mound,

Oh! Meadows have surprises

And many things to tell;

You may discover these yourself

If you look and listen well.


(i)                  Name the poem

(a)    Trees
(b)   Meadow surprises
(c)    The shed
(d)   Chivvy

(ii)                Where are burrows?

(a)    In the ground
(b)   In the houses
(c)    On the trees
(d)   None of these

(iii)               Who live in burrows?

(a)    Ants
(b)   Mongoose
(c)    Rabbits
(d)   Snake

(iv)              Who live in mound?

(a)    Mangoose
(b)   Ants
(c)    Snake
(d)   Rabbits

(v)                Give the meaning of ‘explore’

(a)    Write
(b)   Play
(c)    Search
(d)   God

Ans:  (i) b, (ii) a, (iii) c, (iv) b, (v) c

Q 14. Answer the following question any two)

(i)                  Do you think cricket owes it present popularity to television? Justify your answer.

Ans:- there is no doubt that television has made great contribution towards popularizing cricket, television coverage increased audience in to the small towns and villages it also helped people watch their heroes while playing national and international cricket.

(ii)                Spraying water is not a good way of putting on an oil fire or an electrical fire. Why not?

Ans:- if water is sprayed onto an oil fire, the oil will float on the top and continue to burn. Water can carry oil with it and continue to burn. Water should also not be used on fires caused by electrical appliances. The persons might get an electric shock and get killed.

(iii)               How is cricket different from other team games?

Ans:- Cricket is the only game which can be played for five days. A football match is generally over in an hour-and-a-half. Even base ball completes innings in about a half day. Moreover unlike other team games, the dimension of the cricket ground are not specified.

Q 15. Answer the following questions (any three)

(i)                  How is test cricket a unique game in many ways?

Ans: – Test cricket can be played in five days and still end in a draw. No other games can take more than a  day. Secondly the dimension of the cricket ground is not specified. It can vary from a circular to an oval shape.

(ii)                What happens to the volunteer who swallow four dropes of new invention become old. He began wrinkling. He turned into a fellow of seventy five years and his started falling.

(iii)               What is the best thing to put out an electric fire.

Ans:-  The best thing to put out the fire (electric) is a carbon extinguisher.

(iv)              List any four things from Mr. Wonka’s list.

Ans:-  There was a pint of sap, an egg laid by the tortoise, the tail of 51 years old horse, and tail of 2007 years old giant rat.

Q 16. Answer the following question (any two)

(i)                  Plan C was a success what went wrong then?

Ans:- Plan C of Dad was success as he was able to climb on the garden wall. But he landed upon the cat. As the result of it, he was stuk up on the tree.

(ii)                Describe the plan A and its consequences

Ans: – Plan A was to climb the tree with the help of a ladder. Dad could not climb successfully as the ladder fell. Then landed on the flower bed.

(iii)               Why did the poet call the fan ‘a talking fan’?

Ans:- the moving fan was making lot of sound which appeared to the poet as is speaking. So he called it so.

Q 17. Answer the following questions (any five)

(i)                  Where did the lady find the bear cub? How did she bring it up?

Ans:- the lady found the bear cub in the forest. At the time it was half-dead of hunger. It was small and helpless when the lady found it. The lady brought it up on the bottle milk with the help of her old cook.

(ii)                What was the grandmother’s prophecy about the cook was that one day that only the belongings of the cook would be found. He won’t be seen anywhere because timothy would it him up. But this did not prove true. Before timothy could attach the coak. He was transferred to the zoo.

(iii)               Why did Tiloo’s father advice him not to try to reach the suface of planet?

Ans:- Tiloo’s  father explained to him that he worked on the suface where an ordinary person could not survive. It is because the air there is too thin to breath in. Moreover, the temperature is also two low. So, to go to the suface, one should be well equipped.

(iv)              Why did Abbu khan’s goats want to run away? What happened to them in the hills?

Ans:- Abbu khan’s goats to be free and go to the hills. They did not want to be confined to his courtyard. They loved their freedom. When they went to the hills, they got killed by an old wolf who lived in the hills.

(v)                Why did Grandfather want Timothy to be put in other enclosure?

Ans: He wanted that Timothy should be kept in other enclosure because the leopard kept frighting the tiger.

(vi)              What did the bear eat? There were two things he was not allowed to do. What are there?

Ans:  The bear would eat and enjoy bread, porridge, potatoes, cabbage and turnips. He had never tastes meat he was not allowed to get on the tree for apples. He was not allowed to break the beekives.

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