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  • Department of Archaeology And Architecture

    Department of Archaeology And Architecture

    The main objective of this Department is to carry out extensive explorations in the Nallamalais, particularly in the Vicinity of Srisailam plateau region, with a view to bring to light Prehistoric evidences and to reconstruct the palaeohistory of this region. As a corollarary to this data It is also emphasized to study and analyze the early historical Archaeology of the region in particular and Andhra in general.

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  • Department of Epigraphy And Written Records

    Department of Epigraphy And Written Records

    The primary objective of the Department is the collection of inscriptions, manuscripts, coins etc., editing and publication of epigraphs, preservation of written records and coins. It is aimed at developing the Department as a major resource centre for historical studies in Andhra. The research activities of the Department are also designed in such a way keeping in view of the primary objectives of the Department.

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  • Department of History And Culture of Telugu Speaking People

    Department of History And Culture of Telugu Speaking People

    This Department is concentrating on teaching and research on the History of Telugu Speaking People in particular and on the history of South India in general. The research emphasis on allied topics of History such as Kaifiyats, Local/Village studies, Socio-economic history etc., The main objective is to develop the department as a research centre particularly on the History and Culture of Telugu Speaking People as a whole. It also wants to bring out the role of Andhras in Freedom Movement and other popular movements in modern/contemporary periods. Research & Development / Topic

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  • Department of Translations

    Department of Translations

    Department formerly known as Department of Languages merged under the name of Translation with effect from June 2005. The main objective of this Department is to translate useful books from other languages to Telugu and vice versa. This department offers research courses in Sanskrit, a classical language and English, a European language. Research & Development / Topic Research Activities Working on Project i.e. “Technical Words in Tarka sastra” Translated into Telugu & English.

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  • Department of Comparative Studies

    Department of Comparative Studies

    The Department of Comparative Studies came into existence in the year 1989. This University was the first to establish a Department of this nature in South India which was later emulated by other Universities. The Department caters to the objective of imparting high level research in the fields of literature and culture, with an in-depth study in Telugu and other languages. This centre offers research programmes to promote integrated approach to literature and culture through multi-disciplinary studies. Courses offered => M.Phil in Comparative Literature

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  • Department of Jyothisha And Vaastu

    Department of Jyothisha And Vaastu

    The Department of Jyothisha & Vaastu came into existence in the year 1986. This Department is first in the Country to offer Courses in Jyothisham and Jyothirvaasthu and it aims at creating awareness in Astrology and Jyothirvaasthu as part of Indian scientific learning and imparting training in the latest methods and innovations of these sciences. Courses offered => Certificate in Jyothisham Course Duration => Diploma in Jyothisham => P.G Diploma in Modern Architecture & Jyotirvaastu

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  • Department of Communication And Journalism

    Department of Communication And Journalism

    The Department of Communication & Journalism came into existence in December 1988. The Department has been instrumental in offering Bachelor’s Course in Communication & Journalism (BCJ) for the first time in Telugu medium in the State. Incidentally it is the Department to start Journalism Course among language Universities in the Country. Subsequently it has started offering Master’s Course (MCJ) from 1995.

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  • Department of Culture And Tourism

    Department of Culture And Tourism

    The main objectives of this Department is to facilitate Research in Telugu Culture and formulate Courses focusing on cultural tourism, value education. Courses offered => P.G Diploma in Travel & Tourism (Telugu and English media) => Indian Management & Personality Development (Telugu and English media

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  • Department of Sculpture And Painting

    Department of Sculpture And Painting

    The Department of Sculpture and Painting was established in 1987 with three years Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Traditional Sculpture to promote the cultural heritage of Andhra Pradesh, under the headship of Sri D. Ramachary, a reputed traditional sculptor. This has been possible due to the efforts of the able and eminent faculty who have dedicated their services to the betterment of the department since the time of its inception. Courses offered => B.F.A Sculpture & Painting

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  • Department of Theatre Arts

    Department of Theatre Arts

    The Department of Theatre Arts came into existence in December 1991-92 academic year. The main objective of this Department is promoting Theatre as a complete art form in the age of television and cinema, and also equipping students with latest techniques in all areas of stage presentation. Courses offered => M.A Theatre Arts => Diploma in Mimikri => Diploma in Padya Natakam => P.G. Diploma in Theatre Arts

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  • Department of Folk Arts

    Department of Folk Arts

    The main aim of this Department is to impart training and conduct research in the field of Folk Art forms and to bring social awareness through performances in different Folk Art forms. Courses offered => M.A Folk Arts => M.Phil Folk Arts Research & Development / Topic Department of Folk Arts Research Activities A survey on “Kadapa jilla grama devathalu” in 1988-99 Field work for the students along with Folk Artists of Telangana & Rayalasema Regions.

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  • Department of Dance

    Department of Dance

    The main objective of this Department is Training students in Kuchipudi & Andhra Natyam and providing for research in these areas. The major focus of the department has been both the practical and theoretical aspects of Kuchipudi Dance. The students are taught the essential features of this vibrant farm in the eka-patra kelika or the Solo-Dance format. Courses offered => M.A Kuchipudi Nrityam => M.A Andhra Natyam

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  • Department of Music

    Department of Music

    The main objective of this department is to impart practical and theoretical training for students about South Indian music and providing for advanced research in the subject with an inter-disciplinary approach. Courses Offered => M.A Karnatic Music (Vocal, Mridangam and Veena) Course Duration 2 years (4 semesters) => Kalapravesika Karnatic Music (Vocal, Mridangam, Veena, Violin, Flute, Nadaswaram, Dolu) => Diploma in Lalitha Sangeetham => Diploma in Harikatha

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  • Department of Lexicography

    Department of Lexicography

    It is the only Department of its kind in the State. This Department focuses on compilation and publication of Telugu words, expressions, colloquial terms, mutual borrowings, words peculiar to industry and other occupations which are used by Telugu speaking people in the state of Andhra Pradesh and also in other countries where Telugu speaking people live. Research & Development / Topic A dictionary of Onomatopoeic words in Telugu by Prof. A. Usha Devi Telugu Nigantuvulu : lakshitha prayojanalu by Dr. Y. Reddy Syamala

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  • Department of Linguistics

    Department of Linguistics

    This department aims at developing Telugu as a language of modern knowledge and medium of instruction. And providing for research and determine the procedures about development of Telugu language in all the educational fields existing in the developing world and evolving suitable approaches. This department offers post graduate and research courses that are designed for the development of language. Courses offered => M.A Applied Linguistics => M.Phil Linguistics => Ph.D Linguistics => P.G Diploma in Linguistics & Language Teaching Research & Development / Topic

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