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  • Department of Fashion Design Technology

    Department of Fashion Design Technology

    Fashion Design and Technology came into existence with a vision that fashion education needed to remain competitive in the rapidly changing fashion industry by combining our draping heritage with the modern globalized world of fashion design. To succeed in today’s fashion world & to achieve the goal of transmitting a broader range of competencies, MJRP created its innovative curriculum that addresses the need of world renowned fashion companies by bringing its students into a workshop environment from the beginning. Courses Offered :

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  • Department of Film Technology

    Department of Film Technology

    The degree in Film and Television Production Technology is designed for anyone seeking a career in the highly competitive, yet ultimately rewarding, world of film and television. Through this course students are offered the opportunity to gain and demonstrate the practical skills and expert knowledge required to become a confident member or leader of any production team. India is a second largest film producing nation in the world. Therefore, there is tremendous scope of job opportunities for people in this profession. Courses Offered :

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  • Department of Vedic Science and Yoga

    Department of Vedic Science and Yoga

    Vedic Science is the intelligence that administers the universe & this knowledge can be applied in education, health, management, economics, defense, architecture & planning. Vedic Sciences include yoga, astrology, vastu, meditation etc. Yoga promotes physical and mental health. It disciplines the mind and improves the power of concentration. Therefore, it is ideally suited for those who are involved in intellectual pursuits. Travel industry, academic institutions, welfare organizations offer excellent employment opportunities for qualified professionals in Vedic Sciences.

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  • Department of Commerce

    Department of Commerce

    With the world being advanced through ICT (Information and Communication Technology) revolution, Commerce is one of the most preferred courses by the students in the era of globalization. With E-business and E- business techniques there is ample amount of opportunities to encase the global exposure.

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  • Department of Arts

    Department of Arts

    Arts/ Humanities is one of the most popular and traditional streams across India. Disciplines of Arts revolve around human behavior, which provides real opportunity to inculcate life skills. Students pursue arts because of its wide window of learning about society and market. The discipline has wide range of courses to meet various needs of society worldwide. Courses Offered : => Certificate Courses in Guidance & Counselling => Certificate Courses in Social Work => Certificate Course in Computer => B.A. + M.A => B.A.(Hons.) + M.A => B.A + MBA => B.A.(Hons.) + M.B.A

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  • Department of Science

    Department of Science

    Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence. Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge using observation and experimentation to describe and explain natural phenomena. Science aims to explain & understand the components of the physical universe around us like atoms, plants, ecosystems, people, societies and galaxies etc.

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  • Department of Bio-Technology and Microbiology

    Department of Bio-Technology and Microbiology

    Department of Bio-Technology and Microbiology

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  • Department of Education

    Department of Education

    In the knowledge driven society, competitive edge comes only through proper education. The people responsible for imparting this knowledge are our teachers who shape our today & tomorrow. Our institution aims to contribute by imparting practical knowledge besides theoretical knowledge to develop moral values to strengthen our social infrastructure through education. Our institution aims to utilize globalization, privatization and liberalization of education for creating world peace, world brotherhood and world welfare to achieve the aim of “Vasudev Kutumbkam”.

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  • Department of Law

    Department of Law

    MJRP Academy of Law not only provide simple degree courses in Law but make the students self esteemed and self confident so that they can compete and justify the theory of “Survival of the Fittest”. Law here is not just merely a theoretical study of legislations it is seen as “Dharma “which holds the society. Under disciplinary stand points the students are able to understand the basic approach of law and the intentions of legislation makers. Courses Offered : => BBA, LL.B => B.Sc.,LL.B => LL.M + MBA => LLB + MBA => B.A. + LL.B => PG Diploma (IPR/ Labour Laws)

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  • Department of Media & Mass Communication

    Department of Media & Mass Communication

    The world has witnessed a phenomenal and unprecedented explosion in communication technology and media. All boundaries have been transcended and the entire global community seems to have been brought together into one unified whole. And it is here that mass-communication, as a stream of study, and as a career, becomes so important and enviable. Courses Offered : => Diploma in Advertisment & Public Relation => Diploma in Digital Media Communication (Photography & Videography) => Diploma in Direction & Screenplay => Diploma in Media & Production Management

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  • Department of Computer Science & Information Technology

    Department of Computer Science & Information Technology

    The field of Information Technology has immense future opportunities and it has turned the world into a global village. The IT programme at Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University prepares students with a broad foundation in fundamental principles of Computer Science.

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  • Department of Pharmacy

    Department of Pharmacy

    Department of Pharmacy Pharmacy is a medical service concerned with the safe and effective use of medicines. Pharmacology is the study of drug action i.e. how drugs interact within biological systems to affect function. It is the study of drugs and body’s reaction to drugs, the sources of drugs their nature and their properties. Department of Pharmacy Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University, SP-2,3 Kant Kalwar , RIICO Industrial Area, NH-8 Near Achrol, Jaipur, Rajasthan India

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  • Department of Agriculture

    Department of Agriculture

    Agriculture has always been the mainstay of our economy. This sector employs more than two third of the labour force in the country and is a major contributor to the national economy. It meets our basic need for food and also the requirement for most of the raw material needed by the manufacturing sector. 'Serve the Land' and 'Feed the Hungry' is the main concern for education in agriculture field. It is a vast and diversified field, offering numerous career options in specialized areas, with good career prospects, like Horticulture, Floriculture, etc.

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  • Department of Business Management

    Department of Business Management

    Management is one of the strongest contenders for a career management oriented programmes and hence favorite amongst the youth. The course helps to enhance one’s skills and provide certain direction to the corporate world with overgrowing opportunities. Demand for managers is an overwhelming truth today. Management study is the theory and application of business and management principles. This type of study equips students with knowledge that can be applied to a variety of real world situation.

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  • Department of Polytechnic and ITI

    Department of Polytechnic and ITI

    Polytechnic is an art of providing instruction in many scientific & technical subjects. It offers variety of courses, both technical & Vocational. Polytechnic provides various career courses and allows the person to start his own business or get a decent job at a reputed place. Courses Offered : => Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering - 3 Years => Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering - 3 Years => Diploma in Mechanical Engineering - 3 Years => Diploma in Civil Engineering - 3 Years => Diploma in Automobile Engineering - 3 Years

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  • Department of Engineering & Technology

    Department of Engineering & Technology

    Faculty of Engineering and Technology has an aesthetically built building, well furnished classrooms, lecture halls, library, workshops, computer labs, communication lab, internet facility, conference halls, auditorium, laboratories and spacious play ground, indoor and outdoor games facilities, intramural extra-curricular facilities, hostel in the campus offer an ideal environment for pursuit of a professional career. Courses Offered : => B.Tech Civil Engineering => B.Tech Mechanical Engineering => B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering

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