iit bombay
iit bombay

In the heart of Mumbai, lies one of India’s premier engineering institutes that has been a beacon of excellence for decades. The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, commonly known as IIT Bombay, has been at the forefront of technological advancements and academic brilliance. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) is one of the premier engineering institutes in India. It was founded in 1950 and is located in Powai, Mumbai. IIT Bombay is consistently ranked among the top engineering institutes in the world. It offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in engineering, science, humanities, and management.Established in 1958, the institute has played a pivotal role in nurturing some of the finest minds in the country.

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IIT Bombay

CityMumbaiMaharashtra, India
Affiliated toUniversity of Mumbai, Mumbai
AddressIIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400 076, Maharashtra, India
Phone+91 (22) 2572 2545
Fax+91 (22) 2572 3480
WebsiteVisit Website
Admission throughUndergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design (UCEED)
IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay Courses

IIT Bombay offers a wide range of courses at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. IIT Bombay Following Course Admissions. Some of the most popular courses include:


  • B.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering
  • B.Tech. in Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering
  • B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering
  • B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
  • Dual Degree (B.Tech. + M.Tech.)
  • Bachelor of Science (B. S.)
  • Bachelor of Design (B.Des.)


  • M.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering
  • M.Tech. in Civil Engineering
  • M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering
  • M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering
  • M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Des.
  • MBA (M.Mgt. Programme has been renamed as MBA Programme for the students admitted from 2019).
  • MBA (Executive)
  • MA+Ph.D. (Dual Degree) in Philosophy
  • Master of Arts by Research (MA.Res.)
  • MPP
  • 2 Year M.Sc.
  • M.Sc. + Ph.D. (Dual Degree)
  • Master in Development Practice’ (MDP)


  • Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering
  • Ph.D. in Civil Engineering
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
  • M.S. by Research

    The eligibility criteria for admission to IIT Bombay varies depending on the course. However, in general, applicants must have a good academic record and must pass the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced.

IIT Bombay Fees

The fees for B.Tech at IIT Bombay are as follows:

  • Academic fees: INR 1,19,750 per semester
  • Hostel fees: INR 13,000 per semester
  • Mess charges: INR 20,500 per semester (payable separately)

The total fees for a B.Tech student at IIT Bombay come to around INR 9.12 lakhs for the entire course.

The fees are slightly higher for foreign students. For example, the academic fees for foreign students are INR 2,39,500 per semester.

There are a number of scholarships available for students at IIT Bombay. These scholarships can help to reduce the cost of education.

The following are some of the scholarships available at IIT Bombay:

  • IIT Bombay President’s Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to the top 100 students in the B.Tech entrance exam.
  • IIT Bombay JEE Advanced Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to the top 2000 students in the JEE Advanced entrance exam.
  • IIT Bombay Merit-cum-Means Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students based on their academic merit and financial need.

For more information on the fees structure at IIT Bombay, please visit the following website:


The Genesis of IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay was envisioned as part of India’s post-independence mission to enhance scientific and technical education. Its establishment was a joint effort by the Indian government, the Soviet Union, and UNESCO. The foundation stone was laid by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, on March 10, 1959.

Academic Excellence

Rigorous Admission Process

IIT Bombay’s selection process is highly competitive, with thousands of aspiring students vying for a limited number of seats. The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) serves as the gateway to these prestigious institutions, including IIT Bombay.

Multidisciplinary Programs

IIT Bombay offers a diverse range of programs, encompassing engineering, science, design, and management. The institute’s emphasis on multidisciplinary education fosters innovation and creativity among its students.

Campus and Facilities

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Spread across a sprawling campus, IIT Bombay boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge facilities. The institute houses advanced laboratories, research centers, and libraries, providing an enriching learning environment.

Center for Entrepreneurship

IIT Bombay has a dedicated Center for Entrepreneurship that supports aspiring entrepreneurs by providing mentorship, funding, and resources to transform innovative ideas into viable ventures.

Research and Innovation

Pioneering Research Initiatives

IIT Bombay is at the forefront of groundbreaking research in various domains, such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, renewable energy, and biotechnology. The institute encourages its faculty and students to engage in research that addresses real-world challenges.

Start-up Culture

With a thriving start-up ecosystem on campus, IIT Bombay has incubated numerous successful start-ups that have made significant contributions to the Indian economy.

What are the advantages of studying at IIT Bombay?

  • IIT Bombay is one of the top engineering institutes in the world.
  • It offers a wide range of courses in engineering, science, humanities, and management.
  • It has a strong alumni network.
  • It offers good placement opportunities.

Global Collaborations

IIT Bombay collaborates with leading international universities and research institutions, promoting knowledge exchange, joint research projects, and student exchange programs. These collaborations enrich the academic experience and broaden the students’ perspectives.

Social Initiatives

Spreading Education Beyond Campus

IIT Bombay actively participates in various social initiatives, including rural development programs and technology-based education projects, aimed at bringing about positive change in society.

Alumni Contributions

The institute takes pride in its vast network of accomplished alumni, who have excelled in diverse fields, contributing significantly to the nation’s growth and development.

Official Website

The official website of IIT Bombay is www.iitb.ac.in.


IIT Bombay stands tall as a symbol of academic excellence, innovation, and nation-building. Through its unwavering commitment to nurturing talent, fostering research, and driving social change, the institute continues to be a catalyst for progress in India and beyond.


What is the significance of IIT Bombay?

IIT Bombay is one of India’s premier engineering institutes, known for its academic brilliance, research contributions, and nurturing of top-notch talent.

How competitive is the admission process at IIT Bombay?

The admission process is highly competitive, with the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) serving as the gateway to secure a seat at IIT Bombay.

Does IIT Bombay support entrepreneurship?

Yes, the institute has a dedicated Center for Entrepreneurship that supports aspiring entrepreneurs with mentorship, funding, and resources.

What are some notable research areas at IIT Bombay?

IIT Bombay excels in research areas like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, renewable energy, and biotechnology.

How does IIT Bombay contribute to society?

Apart from academic excellence, IIT Bombay actively engages in social initiatives and rural development programs to bring about positive change.

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