Master of Arts (MA Rural Development)

Master of Arts (MA Rural Development)

Learning Mode:

Part Time

Course Level:

Masters Degree

Course Duration:

2 Years



Course Details:

M.A Rural Development- Rural Development is used to denote the actions and initiatives taken to improve the standard of living in non-urban neighbourhoods, countryside and remote villages. These communities can be exemplified with a low ratio of inhabitants to open space. Agricultural activities may be prominent in this case where as economic activities would relate to the primary sector, production of food stuffs and raw materials. Rural Development actions mostly aim at the social and economic development of the areas. It aims at finding the ways to improve the rural lives with participation of the rural people themselves. This course covers recent thinking on decentralisation, local governance, participatory and inclusive rural development and introduces the most up-to-date methodologies and approaches for the facilitation of multi stakeholder processes, social learning and change. This course will explore new paths of engagement with citizens in governance that is transparent and accountable, and explore new ways of positive engagement with the system, to bring about change together.The aim of this course is to build capacities to strengthen development and rural development work through a strong cadre of young professionals who will have a comprehensive grip on theoretical understanding, along with analytical skills and experiential learning over the two years of the academic programme.


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