Certification Photographer (cp)

Certification Photographer (cp)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Diploma / Certification

Course Duration:

1 Year


The candidate should have pass in 10+2 or bachelor degree or equivalent

Course Details:

Certification Photographer (cp) - Photographers pumping out action-covered sub-par work and undercutting the long-time professional photographers on price, and giving it all away for nothing. Most people associate beauty with nature and secluded areas. The draw of dark night skies and shimmering star light is appealing to almost everybody. Vast expanses of greenery evoke an inner peace that tends to relax the soul.More than half the world’s population live in cities. Millions of people move to big cities every year to pursue their dreams. There is a subtle beauty to the city though, one which takes a certain view to enjoy it.As the sun goes down every evening, a shot of energy seems to start pulsing through the city. Vendors start setting up their stalls selling a wide array of foods and interesting products. The crowds pour out of their houses into the cool night. The street lamps and buildings start lighting up.


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