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Bachelor of Science (BSc Industrial Science)

Bachelor of Science (BSc Industrial Science)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Bachelors Degree

Course Duration:

3 Years


12th Standard or equivalent

Course Details:

B.Sc Industrial Science - The scientists usually had phds, although some had joined their companies, at more junior levels, with Masters of undergraduate degrees.

Although these scientists had often enjoyed their academic work, they did not want to become academics. What these scientists really found exciting was the opportunity of applying their research to real settings – for example, developing drugs that would actually improve people’s lives. They felt that by working in industry they could take their science through to the endpoint and see it translated into a product. They also liked the fast pace of doing science in the private sector.

Scientists in this group recognised that they earned more money and often had better resources that university based scientists. However the trade-off for this was seen as being that they had less autonomy and could not just follow their curiosity. Instead, the science they did was dictated by business strategy, and underpinning most of what they did was a profit motive. They worked in teams on projects which could be cancelled by the company if not seen as commercially viable.


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