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Department of Industrial Chemistry

The chemical industry comprises the companies that produce industrial chemicals, central to the modern world economy, it converts raw materials (oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals) into more than 70,000 different products. The field of Industrial Chemistry has a large scope. Students have the option to opt for either an industrial job or to go into the research field. If you plan to go into the industrial sector, you can opt for manufacturing unit, production and development units etc. If you are interested in the research area you can opt for Ph.D. Program, you can also join a laboratory or a research unit. MBA course is also an option after completing the M.Sc. course.


The course is designed so as to impart knowledge of cost effective, environment-friendly production, quality control and handling of synthetic and natural chemical products based on the sound knowledge of chemistry. The course is designed to train personnel to take the challenge of chemical industries from modern technologies and inculcate the entrepreneurship among them.

Courses Offered

=> Master of Science (M.Sc Industrial Chemistry)
=> Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D in Industrial Chemistry)


=> Broad based faculty drawn from higher educational and research institutions as well as from chemical industries.
=> Laboratory training in the handling, analyses and evaluation of chemical compounds.
=> Computer applications
=> Visit to industries & Industrial Training
=> Seminar and library assignments
=> Project assignments and its presentation


Pensky Marten Apparatus
This is Flash & Fire Point Apparatus which is used to determine the flash & fire point of any lubricant of liquid fuel, Which gives the information about the temperature at which fire or explosion may occur due to that oil or lubricant?.

Red Wood Viscometers
This equipment is used to determine the Kinematic viscosity of oil or lubricant as well as Viscosity index.
Faraday Experiment apparatus- This is used to verify Faraday’s law and Avagadro number.

This spectrophotometer is used to verify the Lambert-Beer law and it can be used to determine the concentration of metals in various water samples.

Kjeldahl Assembly
This is used to determine the Nitrogen content in the effluent samples.


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