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Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology
City Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
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    The Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology is an autonomous research Institute of the Department of the science & Technology, Govt. of India. Established in June, 1968 as a small nucleus in two rooms of the Botany Department, Delhi University, the Institute was shifted to Dehra Dun during April, 1976. Previously named as the Institute of Himalayan Geology, it was renamed as the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology in memory of its founder- the late Prof. D. N. Wadia, (F.R.S. and National Professor), in appreciation to his contributions to geology of the Himalayas. During the last quarter century the Institute has grown into a centre of excellence in Himalayan Geology and is recognised as a National Laboratory of International repute with well equipped laboratories and other infra structural facilities for undertaking advance level of research in the Country. The Institute at present has on its roll 54 scientists, 48 technical and 76 administration and supporting staff. Also there are about 40 research students, research associates and other staff working in sponsored projects.

    Institute is also operating following field research stations in the remote areas of Himalaya :

    a) Naddi-Dharamsala (Seismic Observatory Array)

    b) Dokriani Bamak, U.P.(Glacier Station)

    c) Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh)


    To undertake, aid, promote, guide and coordinate researches in geology of the Himalaya and foster a tradiation of scholarships.

    To carry-out research towards the development of new concepts and models concerning geodynamic evolution of the Himalaya through an integrated inter- disciplinary approach.

    To co-ordinate research activities amongst different institutions and universities in the country working in the field of Himalayan Geology and related areas.

    To organise workshops, seminars, symposia and training programmes in spec- ialised disciplines and on topics related to the geology of Himalaya.

    To serve as the National Reference Centre for the geology of Himalaya and to provide high level consultancy services to various institutions, public agencies and industries.

    To collaborate with foreign research organisations and universities in the fields relevant to the objectives of the institute with special emphasis on application of new tools, methodologies and analytical techniques.

    To disseminate knowledge and information relating to geological and allied researches in the Himalaya through publication of monographs, research papers, maps, scientific reports, bibliographies, etc.

    To establish affiliation with recognised universities and centers of higher education to promote Himalayan geology and enable research scholars to register for post- graduate and research degress in the field.

    To inspire and encourage young earth scientists in the study of geology of the Himalaya.

    To institute a Wadia National Fellowship in Himalayan Geology for carrying out research work at the Institute.

    Areas of Research :

    The Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology carries out basic research in Himalayan Geology and related fields which includes geodynamic evolution, mountain building processes, geoenvironment and mineral resources. The research activities of the Institute are conducted through time - bound project mode and the areas of its multi- disciplinary research are organised into the following four areas namely:

    · Tectonophysics

    · Petrology & Geochemistry

    · Lithogenesis- Biostratigraphy and

    · Earth Resources and Environment

    The projects are conducted either in area-wise manner or in multi-area mode involving linkages with other Institutions/Universities.

    The field of specialisation in each area of research are as follows :

    Tectonophysics - Kinematic analysis of structures in rocks, lineaments using remote sensing techniques, experimental structural geology, regional geology and tectonic analysis, neotectonics and active faults. Seismicity, seismotectonics, palaeoseismology and gravity - magnetic studies.

    Petrology & Geochemistry - Petrology and geochemistry of magmatic ( particularly granitoids and volcanics) and metamorphic rocks including geothermobarometry, ore-microscopy and fluid inclusion, fission track dating, petrological data base and applic- ation of computers in petrology.

    Lithogenesis- Biostratigraphy - Ancient fluvial and marine processes, magnetostra- tigraphy,palaeoclimatic and tectonic studies. Invertebrate, vertebrate palae- ontology, micropalaeontology and palynology. Specialisation in ostracodes, conodonts, foraminifera, brachiopods, bivalves, trilobites and tracefossils, early forms of life, tromatoloites, algae and micro-vertebrates.

    Earth Resources and Environment - Geomorphological processes, landform analysis, palaeoclimatic studies, natural resources, landslides and glaciological studies.

    Consultancy and Advisory Services

    The Institute provides consultancy and advisory services on small scale to various organisations for purpose of road alignment, site selection for bridges and their foundation, slope stability and control of landslides, site selection for deep tubewells, geotechnical feasibility of major and minor hydel projects and related structures, passenger and haulage ropeways, seismotectonics of hydel projects and environmental feasibility of developmental projects etc.

    The Institute has well equipped laboratories and specialized high level experts to provide consultancy services related to geotechnical, geohydrology, microp- alaeontology, sedimentology, economic geology, seismology and environment aspects.

    Also Institute provides analytical services for various kinds of analysis of rocks and minerals on payment basis. Large number of students and research work- ers from Universities under different projects avail these facilities.

    33, Gen. Mahadeo Singh Road,
    Phone No :-91-135-627387, 624806, 623109
    Fax No :-91-135-625212
    [email protected]


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