Mahila mahavidyalaya, Kanpur

Mahila mahavidyalaya, Kanpur
City Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Mahila mahavidyalaya,
Qudvai Nagar
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Admission Notices

    Education is a journey from ignorance to knowledge: a journey from darkness to light. Darkness symbolizes ignorance and light symbolizes knowledge. The radiance of the sunrays in the emblem signify the steady but sure radiance of knowledge dawning upon the students who come to the institution in quest of knowledge. The sun also marks the energy, verve and optimism that lies in the heart of all aspirants of knowledge.
    The mission of the institution is to eradicate ignorance, superstition, hatred and discriminations. The institution endeavors to instill knowledge, free thinking, a fearless mind, a humanitarian attitude and an egalitarian approach amongst those who come to our institution.

    The institution strives to fulfil the vision of Swami Vivekanand about education. He said, ‘We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which ‘one can stand on one’s feet.'

    The mission of the institution focuses these four broad aims of education i.e. to form the character: to strengthen the mental power: to expand the horizons of intellect i.e. thinking capacity of students : to enable students to make out their living via jobs and placements or entrepreneurship. The mission is to prepare strong, fearless women who are conscious of their diginity and train them in social behaviour so that they become successful citizens of tomorrow and contribute to the growth of the Nation. The mission is to inculcate feelings of patriotism and nationalism in the students.

    The mission is to groom and polish the female students who come from urban as well as rural areas so that they become intellectually awakened, morally strong and socially responsible citizens.

    The college has a big building with properly ventillated classrooms with black boards and white boards. There is a separate block for B.Ed. classes and P.G. courses. The undergraduate classes are being run in two shifts to accommodate section-wise classes of almost 4200 students. There is round the clock water and power supply facilitated by big generator-sets and inverters. For the purpose of fresh drinking water of students, there is a submersible water pump, and two storage tanks besides a hand pump. There is a girls' Common Room, Dayanand Vatika to be used by the students in their leisure hours. Adequate facility of washrooms is also available. The college has four rest rooms for teachers. It has a sick room for students. Efforts have been made to provide separate departments for all courses besides one big staff room with attached toilet for general use of the faculty. There is a big play ground for students' sports, and an Auditorium with proper stage, well-equipped with curtains, light and sound arrangements and sufficient seating capacity for organizing co-curricular activities, Youth Festival etc. Further enough open space is there for organizing fare-well/send off ceremony for outgoing students. The institution has augmented the infrastructure to keep pace with academic growth. An amount of approximately Rs. 17,50,000=00 has been spent during the last five years in providing various kinds of facilities like fresh drinking water storage tanks, drinking water shed, seating arrangements for students in Dayanand Vatika in hours of leisure in close proximity with nature, adding furniture for the use of students, providing blackboards etc. Keeping in mind the growth of the college classrooms have been constructed, gymnasium and main gate has been renovated for safety purpose and college library has been given a facelift and is equipped with new books, Journals and required furniture. The office is the centre mode for all the administrative activity in the college. It is because of the office staff that the wheels of the college keep turning. The office is responsible for all the administration as well as the maintenance of property, for keeping records of all documentsregarding students that pass through the college.

    The institution has been developed on the ideals of Arya Samaj. It follows the principals of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati who had realized that India can be released from the clutches of slavery if its masses especially women are educated. He believed that the country can progress only when its citizens are educated, enlightened, fearless and morally strong. Enthusiastic men and women associated with him under the banner of Arya Samaj. Realizing the importance of higher education in the growth and freedom of the nation many educational institutions were established in U.P. under the banner of Dayanand Anglo Vedic College Trust Management Society U.P. in 1882. This society is presently known as Dayanand Shiksha Sansthan.

    Mahila mahavidyalaya, Kanpur offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.

    Bachelors Degree Courses

    Bachelor of Education (BEd)

    Mahila mahavidyalaya, Kanpur offers 1 Year Full Time Bachelors Degree in Bachelor of Education (B Ed)

    View Details Duration: 2 Year    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Bachelors Degree

    Masters Degree Courses

    Master of Education (MEd)

    Mahila mahavidyalaya, Kanpur offers 2 Years Full Time Masters Degree in Master of Education (M.Ed)

    View Details Duration: 1 Year    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Masters Degree
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      Mahila mahavidyalaya, Kanpur

      Generations of past students, both male and female, are proud to be known and enjoy maintaining their connection with the college and each other. Please write to [email protected] with link of existing almuni group, or request for creation of group.