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    The National Research Centre for Agroforestry (NRCAF), an unit of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research(ICAR) was established in 1988. The Centre is located at Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh State, about 10 Kms from Jhansi Railway Station on Jhansi-Gwalior Roadand is popularly known as "KRISHIVANIKI". The centre is in process of developing phase and modernising its infrastructure including construction of office building and residential quarters.

    RESEARCH ACHIEVEMENTS Multi-disciplinary research on different aspects of agroforestry is conducted and significant research achievements are presented below:

    AGRISILVICULTURE Multipurpose trees for irrigated conditions of Bundelkhand region have been identified and their agrotechniques standardised. Compatible intercrops which can be grown during establishment stage of multipurpose trees and later on have been identified and agrotechniques developed. Anjan ( Hardwickia binata) based agrisilviculture practice has been standardised for irrigated situations. Fertility build-up in the surface soil with the inclusion of trees with agricultural crops established. Inventory of diseases and pests of selected agroforestry species generated and plant protection measures for some of the species developed. VAM species identified and their role in terms of colonisation in Aonla established.

    AGRIHORTICULTURE Aonla (Emblica ofiicinalis) based agri-horticulture technology standardised for the development of degraded lands of Bundelkhand region. Aonla varieties Kanchan and NA7 have been identified highly renumerative as they have potential to yield 120 kg fruit /tree at the age of 10 years. In-situ budding technique for Aonla standardised which results in higher survival in red gravelly marginal soils. Gremplasm of edible fruit, vegetable and forage clones of cactus introduced and orchard established for germplasm multiplication. Unexploited /under exploited minor fruits trees such as Chironji (Buchnania lanzon) for agroforestry identified for commercialisation.

    SILVIPASTURE MPTS viz. Dalberga sissoo, Albizia procera , and Leucaena leucocephala, were identified for higher productivity of degraded lands in silvipastoral system. Dichrostachys cinerea and Annogeissus pendula as shrub and tree were identified to cover ravenous and highly rocky ares, respectively. Management practices for promising silvipasture system for higher productivity standardised.

    TREE IMPROVEMENT AND SILVIPASTURE Neem (Azadirachta indica) tree has been proved to be a self pollinated species based upon in depth studies on reproductivity biology for the first time. Techniques for Kardhai (Anogeissus pendula) regeneration through air layering standardised. The plants regenerated through this technique showed 80 percent survival under field conditions and established successfully. Vegetative propogation techniques using stem cutting in Dalbergia sissoo and Albizia amara and root cuttings in Melia dubia have been standardised. The Centre has developed a National facility for germplasm of Azadirachta indica, Dalbergia sissoo, Anogeissus pendula and genus Prosopis.

    HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Agroforestry research on watershed basis initiated. Adaptive research trials of proven agroforestry practices established in the villages of Karari, Simardha and Bhattagaon. The Centre regularly organises Farmers' Day, Kisan Ghoshties to acquaint the farmers training with the current achievements on agroforestry.

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    Ph: 91-510-2730214

    Fax: 91-510-2730364

    NATIONAL RESEARCH CENTRE FOR AGROFORESTRY NRCAF offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.



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