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The University Department of Ancient Indian History,Culture and Archeology was open on Teacher's Day,
5th september, 2002.The major focus of research activities of the Department include one major research project of the U.G.C and junior Research fellowship of the Indian Council of Historical Research,and U.G.C is to highlight the importance of regional studies within the broader framework of National History.

Courses Offered

=> Post Graduate (PG) Diploma in Archaeology
=> Post Graduate (PG) Diploma in Museology & Tourism,
=> Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Master Of Arts (M.A.)Ancient Indian History,Culture and Archeology(Previous)

=> Historiography
=> Early World Civilizations-Egypt & Mesopotamia
=> Early History Of India (From Indus Valley Civilization to 200 B.C)
=> Political History Of India (200 B.C. to A.D. 600)
=> Social History Of Ancient India (Upto A.D. 600)
=> Economic History Of Ancient India (Upto A.D. 600)
=> Administrative History Of Ancient India (Upto A.D. 1200)
=> Science & Technology In Ancient India (upto A.D. 1200)

Master Of Arts (M.A.)Ancient Indian History,Culture and Archeology(Final)

=> History of South-East Asia ( upto A.D. 1500)
=> History of Early Medieval India ( upto A.D.600 to A.D. 1200)

=> Methods and Theory in Archaeology
=> Prehistoric Archaeology in India
=> Proto-History & Iron Age in India
=> Art & Architecture In Ancient India
=> Numismatics, Epigraphy & Iconography In Ancient India (upto A.D. 1200)
=> Dissertation & Field Training


=> History of Brahmanical Religion In India ( 2500 B.C.- A.D. 1200)
=> History of Heterodox Sects in India-Buddhism, Jainism, Ajivikas & Lokayats
=> Indian Philosophy-Orthodox & Heterodox
=> Art & Architecture in Ancient India
=> Numismatics, Epigraphy & Iconography In Ancient India (upto A.D. 1200)
=> Expansion of Indian Culture beyond the frontiers of India

Research & Development / Topic

Major Focus Areas

Teaching/Research : Specialization

The Department has focused on 'Regional History & Heritage'. To work out effective research models integrated multi-disciplinary approach in regional history writing is to be pursued. The department has already taken steps in this direction by Organizing a National Seminar on the subject on 21st Feb., 2003.

To carry further this approach various steps are being taken such as systematic exploration of the area, problem oriented research projects are being pursued. To keep in tune with the changing scenario of history education applied aspect of the discipline is being given emphasis in form of vocational courses and promotion of tourism. Regular routine research guidance to Ph.D. students is also provided by the faculty members.

The Department has a team of specialized faculty members. The Department is located in a historical building in several surroundings close to the University Headquarters. The Department provides hostel facilities.


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