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State Institute of Education Technology
City Hyderabad, Telangana, India
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Admission Notices

    Television was first introduced in India in 1959 as a UNESCO Aided Educational Project. It was an experimental service designed to test the feasibility of using the medium as a vehicle for communication development and education. First serious effort in this direction was made under the project called SITE (Satellite Instructional Television Experiment) in 1975-76 wherein, the sophisticated communication technology was utilised to reach 2340 remote villages in clusters in 20 districts spread over 6 States in the Country. Andhra Pradesh was one among them. SITE focussed on upgrading education to the changing needs of the country.

    Following from the SITE, which effectively demonstrated the potential of Educational Television plans were prepared for utilisation of INSAT to promote alternative approaches in education for children, youth and adults. The SITE also indicated that a better preparation and understanding of the entire education was required and the programmes made centrally had less appeal than those produced in regional languages. Consequently, a decision with long term implications was also taken - to set up Educational Television Programme Production Centres in NCERT and States selected for phase-I INSAT TV transmission (viz., Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh). The Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET) was established in Delhi in the year 1984 by the National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT). The objective was to promote educational technology, particularly, mass media like TV and Radio for improvement and spread of education. Since School Education essentially a State Subject under the Constitution of India and it is the State to take primary responsibility for education at this level, State Institutes of Educational Technology (SIETs) were established.

    Establishment of SIET in Andhra Pradesh

    In Andhra Pradesh, State Institute of Educational Technology (SIET) was established in Hyderabad during 1985 with cent percent financial grant from Govt. of India. In 1990, the Institute was converted into an Autonomous Society in order to make operational procedures quick and more functional. As per the Memorandum of Association (MOA), the objectives of the institute are: To assist the Deparment of School Education in the State in the implementation of educational policies and programmes through ET both in formal and non-formal sectors.

    To undertake all activities which may seem appropriate for furtherance of above objective.

    Functions of the Institute

    The Institute involves itself in the following activities:

    Production of educational programmes for media such as radio and television Designing, Developing and Disseminating teaching-learning aids Conducting traning and orientation programmes for persons involved in the use of educational media material Undrtake evaluation and research on programmes and materials produced by the Institute Monitoring utilisation of ETV telecasts and Educational radio broadcasts.


    The Govt. of India, Ministry of Humen Resource Development (MHRD) is providing 100 % grant to SIET for all the sanctioned posts, for maintenance of equipment and for production costs, including both in-house production and production by outside freelancerson commissioned basis. The Institute functions through the following wings:

    Academic and Production



    Academic Production Wing

    The Academic Wing including erstwhile ET cell of SCERT designs the media curriculum, selects themes and topics suitable for media production and finalises scripts for Audio and Video programmes. After production is completed, the programmes are previewed and sceduled for telecast. It also organises various training courses and workshops on verious aspects of ET for Educational Administrators, Teacher-Educators, User-teachers and other field functionaries. After imparting systematic training based on needs, aspirations and objectives of the Institute, it also gets the script written by creative teachers and writers. It also undertakes Research and programme Evaluation studies to analyse the effetiveness of the programmesd in the context of new learning system and its components- the teachers, the student and the media. The production team consists of producers, production assistants, cameramen, graphic artists and other skilled personnel strive for producing qualitative media programmes. The producer plans and organises his schedules for both studio and field recordings. Engineering Wing

    The engineering wing places the facilities and technical services at the disposal of the production wing. It also assists the Academic and Production at the time of training courses, evaluation studies, field surveys etc. Administrative Wing

    With the requisite staff in different cadres, the administrative wing looks after the entire functioning of the institute in its administration, financial aspects and provision of transport and other basic amenities.

    Address: SIET Etv Studio,
    Ramanthapur ,
    Hyderabad- 500013,


    Phone: Home(040) 27038111 , Home(040) 27038339 | Cell9849909180

    State Institute of Education Technology offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.

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