National Institute for Small Industries Extension Training NISIET

National Institute for Small Industries Extension Training NISIET
City Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Admission Notices

    The nisiet, since its inception in 1960 by the Government of India, has taken gigantic strides to become the premier institution for the promotion, development and modernization of the SME sector. An autonomous arm of the Ministry of Small Scale Industries and Agro and Rural Industries (SSI & ARI), the Institute strives to achieve its avowed objectives through a gamut of operations ranging from training, consultancy, research and education, to extension and information services.

    A Centre of Excellence

    It was in 1984 that the UNIDO had recognised SIET as an institute of meritorious performance under its Centres of Excellence Scheme to extend aid. Subsequently, it was also accorded national status and SIET Institute became nisiet in the same year.

    At the helm

    Mr. S.V. Prabhath, an officer of the Indian Administrative Service, is the Principal Director of the Institute.

    For the past Four decades nisiet has been engaged in conducting national and international programmes covering the Asian, Afro-Asian regions and Pacific rim countries. India being a forerunner to almost all developing countries, our capacity development programmes will be of great relevance to your organisation, leading to a greater flow of technology, investment, know-how and trade among developing countries and a stronger SME sector globally.

    We are totally market-driven, and are quick to update our product mix, approach, methodology and systems to adapt them to your requirements. Our endeavour is to concentrate on ongoing programmes, while orienting the system towards serving the government and private sector more effectively.

    This year we have introduced several innovative national and international programmes while updating the time-tested and well-received ones, to prove conclusively that we can respond to the changing environment. These programmes have been designed keeping in mind the requirements of individuals, industries, promotional agencies and other institutions – both government and private – and the far-reaching impact of internationalisation on business.

    On the agenda for the year 2000-2001 are 14 regular and 8 new international programmes, as also 4 international diploma programmes. On the national front are 32 Executive Development programmes, 14 Diploma Programmes and 9 workshops and seminars.

    nisiethas developed many software programmes such as Policy Research for SMEs Database sponsored by UNESCO, International Participants Database with respect to country profiles, Stress Kit, Civil Servants Help Mate, Mailing List Database, Library Management System, Hospitality Management System, Concurrent Evaluation Of Chief Minister’s Empowerment of Youth programmes, Youth Association Information System, Coaches Performance, Current Information Services, etc.

    The institute functions through the six activities of training, consultancy, research, education, information and extension services. nisiet is also running many programmes in IT related areas, offering consultancy services to public and private sector undertakings.

    nisiet is a premier institution in the field of SMEs, established by Government of India four decades ago. An autonomous organ of the Ministry of SSI & ARI, it has since then expanded its objectives from the initially visualised function as trainers’ trainer to envelop new horizons with a new reach. The broad functional areas of the Institute include research, consultancy, extension, education and information services, apart from training.

    nisiet has been playing a pivotal role in putting the small scale industry on the growth trajectory. nisiet’s interventions have benefited not only the Indian SME sector but also the developing world in promoting self-employment and enterprise development in their countries.

    nisiet has had many turning points in the forty years of its existence: in fact, the first entrepreneurship model was developed at nisiet through Prof. McClelland’s famous Kakinada Experiment. It is the first Indian organisation to organise entrepreneurship related training for participants from abroad, and was recognised as a Centre of Excellence in 1984.

    nisiet’s recent milestones include a customised programme on UNESCO chair on SME Policy (1997), Enterprise Development and Government Effectiveness (EDGE) for the Sri Lankan diplomats (1998), path-breaker training programme on Industrial Policy Options (1999) and, more recently, a programme in collaboration with AIIS, Chennai to facilitate the visit of a group of American students led by 5 professors from Vassar College, USA (2000). The Institute is highly reputed for its customised programmes with diverse focus. nisiet has a sophisticated Business Information Bureau (BIB) at its Small Enterprise National Documentation Centre, which takes care of the changing information needs of MSMEs. In tune with the sweeping winds of IT, the institute has become IT - driven in all its functions and has devised a number of customised IT and other interventions for a wide variety of clientele. The Institute has already made a debut in formal academics through long-term educational programmes. nisiet produces a spectrum of publications. The quarterly periodical SEDME Journal is a well sought after research journal and a forum for studies and exchange of ideas on SMEs. The management of the Institute rests with the Governing Council appointed by the Government of India. The governing body acts through the Principal Director, Shri S.V. Prabhath, an Officer of the Indian Administrative Service.

    Keeping pace with the emerging trends the Institute is now offering state of the art information services to the MSME sector. In the new millennium, the Institute is constantly evolving, staying in step with the changing demands of MSMEs.

    National Institute of Small Industry Extension Training

    (An organisation of the Ministry of Small Scale Industries and Agro & Rural Industries, Govt. of India)

    Successfull Indian clusters at a glance

    nisiet, a Premier Institute belonging to the Ministry of SSI & ARI, Government of India, always in forefront providing vital support, training & extension services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India and overseas, is offering Unlimited Opportunities for Two Way TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGIES: to established international industries partnerships.

    From Developed Countries to India and

    From India to Developing world.

    nisiet will facilitate TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER between potential partners, by identifying technologies, products and services through conduct of Due Diligence, Appraisals and Evaluations. Further registered TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER 'Offers' and 'Requests' will be published in nisiet's proposed GLOBAL MARKET PLACE DIRECTORY (GPM-D), which will be circulated largely, amongst SMEs, Manufacturers, Associations, Entrepreneurs and Enterprises Globally. Estimated readership inclusive of subscribers, advertisers and product listers, is expected beyond a Million.

    Interested Manufacturers, Enterprises, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Research Organisations and Associations, from all over the GLOBE, can register their Technology Transfer 'Offers' or 'Requests', through a Prescribed Form on Payment of Registration Fee.

    National Institute of Small Industry Extension Training
    Hyderabad-500 045. India

    Telephone: 91-040-3608544 (23)

    Fax : 3608547 / 3541260

    Email: [email protected]


    National Institute for Small Industries Extension Training NISIET offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.


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        National Institute for Small Industries Extension Training NISIET

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