Centre for Economic and Social Studies

Centre for Economic and Social Studies
City Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Admission Notices

The Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS), established in 1980, is an autonomous research-cum-teaching institution, supported by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and Indian Council of Social Science Research, Delhi. The major goal of the Centre is to bring together social scientists to work on common interests particularly those related to development problems and disseminate the results of the work to social scientists and policy makers. It undertakes mutually supportive and interrelated research documentation and training activities with focus on issues concerned with economic and social development of Andhra Pradesh. In line with its objectives, the Centre provides statistical, clearing-house and documentation services and sponsors and co-sponsors training programmes and workshops. The CESS has been recognised by all the Universities in Andhra Pradesh state as a centre for advanced research in Social Sciences.
The Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) was established as an autonomous research Centre in 1980. Appreciating its role in the promotion of research and training, the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) (Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India) recognized it as a national institute in the year 1986 and included the Centre in its network of institutions. Conducting interdisciplinary research in analytical and applied areas of social sciences, encompassing socio-economic and other aspects of development, constitute the predominant activities of the Centre. Its sphere of research activity has expanded beyond the state of A.P., covering other areas of the country as well.

The Centre has been receiving annual grant-in-aid from the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the ICSSR. It also undertakes research projects sponsored by the state and central governments, as well as international agencies such as the World Bank, DFID, Ford Foundation, European Community, Rockefeller Foundation and Asian Development Bank.
The Centre's research has developed expertise on themes such as Rural Development and Poverty, Agriculture and Food Security, Irrigation and Water Management, Public Finance, Demography, Health and Environment.

Apart from its involvement in social sciences research, the Centre conducts M.Phil/ Ph.D programme in Development studies in collaboration with Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University. The University of Hyderabad (Central University) and Osmania University have also recognized this Centre for advanced research.
The Centre is situated in Hyderabad city, about 3km away from Begumpet Airport. Its newly constructed building is housed in the five acre campus given by Osmania University in the premises of the Nizamiah Observatory at Begumpet.

CESS in collaboration with the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad conducts MPhil and PhD programmes in Development Studies.

CESS in collaboration with the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad conducts MPhil and PhD programmes in Development Studies

Full details of the entry requirements are given on the programme entry in the database. Services:

Printed correspondence texts and the contact phase are the main methods of instruction. During the contact phase, students have access to the library. The two contact phases are held at the Centre. Registration:

Registration for the MPhil programme begins soon after the students have passed the University examinations in the course work. The registration is initially valid for 36 weeks. It can be extended for a further 12 weeks. After the expiry of the extension period, students have to re-register which is valid for 48 weeks during which time they must submit their dissertation. No further extension after that is possible. Registration for PhD begins from the date of admission to the programme. The minimum period for submission of the thesis is two years for those students who have MPhil degree. For those without MPhil a minimum of two years duration is allowed after they have passed the pre-PhD examinations. However, the final deadline for all students is the sixth year after the date of admission to the programme.

Approximately 20 full time staff are employed at the CESS. A maximum of 30 students will be admitted to the MPhil programme. Five to 10 students will also be admitted to the PhD programme.

Nizamiah Observatory Campus,Begumpet
500 016

Phone No :-(+91 40) 331 2789 or 332 6780

Fax No :-(+91 40) 332 6808

[email protected]

Centre for Economic and Social Studies offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.

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