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Department of Linguistics


Department of Linguistics

The objectives of the Department include the promotion of linguistic studies in Tamil with an eye on tracing its relationship with other Dravidian languages. Specifically, mention may be made of a study of the grammatical structure of Tamil in the light of traditional and modern linguistic theories and to promote Linguistic studies in Tamil from the point of view of applied linguistics in relation to society, communication, language teaching, discourse analysis, text analysis, psychology and computational and statistical analyses.


=> To write text books in Tamil on Linguistics and dictionary/ encyclopaedia of technical terms in Linguistics.
=> To study the grammatical structure of Tamil in traditional way.
=> To study the grammatical structure of Tamil diachronically.
=> To study historically and descriptively the traditional grammatical works in Tamil.
=> To study the regional and social dialects of Tamil.
=> To study the social conditions for the maintenance and loss of language.
=> To study Tamil and other languages in finding out similarities and differences.
=> To do research from the point of view of Natural Language Procession.
=> To take up studies on psycholinguistics and neuro-linguistics.
=> To take up studies on phonetics (articulation, auditory, acoustics etc.)


=> The department has organized some seminars, workshops and refresher courses
=> The faculty members of the department have completed some research projects
=> The faculty members have published some books


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