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About Vilupuram

About Viluppuram

Viluppuram district was carved out of South Arcot District on 30th September 1993 and was rechristened as Viluppuram District. The residual part of the erstwhile South Arcot district was named as Cuddalore District. The climate of Viluppuram District is fairly dry and on the whole healthy. The temperature is moderate.


The Cholas were the early rulers. Among these rulers, Karikala Chola was the most famous and powerful. In 1677, Shivaji took Ginjee area with the assistance of Golkonda forces. Then came the Mughals. During the Mughal regime, both the English and French acquired settlements in South Arcot. During the Anglo-French rivalry, the entire district was turned into a war land. After some time, the entire area came under the control of East India Company. It remained under British authority till 1947 when India became independent.

Places of interest

=> Gingee Fort is well known for its history and stone architecture
=> Auroville is an experimental township in Viluppuram District
=> Shiva temple at Thiruvamathur

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