Ushamartin Academy of Communication Technology

Ushamartin Academy of Communication Technology
City Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Admission Notices

    Ushamartin Academy of Communication Technology (UACT) is a finishing school established as a joint venture between the Usha Martin Group and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and is housed amidst the wooded serenity of the IIT Madras Campus. The main academic resource of UACT is the TeNet group of IIT Madras, which is India's premier R&D house engaged in the development of telecom products.

    UACT's mission is to take a leadership role in promoting the growth of the Indian software industry, particularly in the area of telecommunications, through specific education and outreach activities. The primary function of UACT is to design, develop and deliver quality training for professionals in the industry. UACT will also support research and development activities in the field of telecommunication and related aspects of information technology.

    UACT strives to achieve its goals by providing its students an exposure to the real-world industrial scenario through its carefully planned laboratories, along with classroom instructions from top-class faculty drawn from premier academic institutions and leading industries. UACT's curriculum is a reflection of the convergence that has taken place all over the world among traditionally separate industries involved in seemingly distinct technologies. In what seems to be a startlingly short time, we are being able to use our televisions to access interactive information, use our computers to make phone calls and use our phones to download e-mail. By blurring the lines between such diverse industries, there has opened up before us a world of incredible possibilities.

    The biggest challenge facing us as we enter the era of converged communications is the creation of a quality reservoir of skilled and trained technical professionals. In the whole world, there remains a huge gap between the demand and supply of well-trained telecom personnel. However, there exists a tremendous potential in the otherwise highly qualified individuals available in India, and it is our vision to help mould them into world-class telecom professionals and bridge the gap between the needs of the industry and the curricula of the educational institutions.

    The world of telecom and IT professionals is riddled with the problem of superfast obsolescence. The only way they can stay on course in this fast-moving world is through continuing education. UACT provides this much-needed support to the telecom and IT industry through its Continuing Education Programme, which consists of short (1-5 days) courses of three distinct types :

    At present, the fresh engineering graduates hired by Technical and IT industries are given training at the level of their Induction either through product-oriented training programme offered by the major equipment manufactures or through in-house training programme organised by a few industries. While in-house training is limited to a basic orientation, vendor-based training is expensive and equipment-specific. The current educational framework does not offer exposure to real-world environment and lacks the experience, skill set or the industry resources to effectively train managers, engineers, programmers or operators in the various components of telecommunications networks, technologies, switches, software and business models.

    What is needed is to impart an additional training to these engineers through a well-planned curriculum consisting of the right mix of courses in Telecommunication, Networking and Software. With the interdisciplinary nature of requirement of the telecom industry in mind, the intake at the level of induction has to be both from the Electronics / Telecommunication background and from the CSE/IT background.

    UACT's Finishing School Programme is designed with sufficient flexibility to benefit the fresh engineers coming from these different disciplines. The programme is more learning-oriented than teaching-oriented, by providing enough hands-on experience through carefully designed laboratory exercises and experiments. The programme consists of two units: Communication Networks (CN) and Communication Software (CS). These units consist of course modules designed by eminent faculty members from the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institute of Science and leading industries.

    IC & SR Building, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai - 600 036
    Tamil Nadu
    600 036

    Phone No :-91-44-4458810

    Fax No :-91-44-4458811

    [email protected]

    Ushamartin Academy of Communication Technology offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.

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        Ushamartin Academy of Communication Technology

        Generations of past students, both male and female, are proud to be known and enjoy maintaining their connection with the college and each other. Please write to [email protected] with link of existing almuni group, or request for creation of group.