Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram

Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram
City Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Established 1945

Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram was established in the year 1945,

Admission Notices

    One of the sadhanas leading to God is the realization of the Karma Yoga of service. Such service purifies the heart by eradicating the negative qualities of egoism, jealousy, superiority complex etc., and promoting the divine qualities of humility, pure love, tolerance, mercy etc. One begins to realize oneness with God and unity of existence. A person is remembered by his deeds and not by his financial status. The joy or the fulfillment of the heart that is felt by serving others is more profound than that of precious offerings to God. Swami Sivananda says, "Give a little cold water to the thirsty; give a few grains of food to the hungry; speak a few kind words to the afflicted. The Lord will bless you". We are a non-profit N.G.O with the primary objective of protecting orphans, destitute women, the physically handicapped, AIDS-affected children, and the elderly. This humanitarian center was established in the year 1945 by an elderly couple Shri. S. V. Iyer and Dr. V. Mangalam with just three kids and the blessings of SWAMI SIVANANDA OF RISHIKESH . An institution with more than 50 years of recorded services to thousands of poor orphans, we have helped them to become productive citizens. We not only provide food, education and shelter, but also instill character and morals to help them grow, learn and eventually become independent. Many, including former Prime Minister of India, Shri PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU have visited our ashram and witnessed our committed work. We are presently taking care of 300 children and 80 poor, elderly people, all of whom are accepted with love and affection. We are a "National Awardee" institution recognized by the Government of India in 1983.

    The tradition of social service has a long and unbroken history. Through the ages there have always been men and women who in their own quiet and unobtrusive manner dedicated themselves to the service of their fellowmen in the society they lived in and sought to remove injustice, relieve distress and mitigate suffering and lift their less-privileged and weaker brethren from the solo ugh of despondency and destitution. The example of their struggle to rescue men from the brutal forces of cruelty, inhumanity and injustice is indeed inspiring and ennobling. One such couple who sacrificed their life for the cause of humanity are the founders of Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram, Shri. S. V. Iyer and Dr. V. Mangalam. Shri S. V. Iyer was a leading lawyer both in Chingleput and Madras High Court. Dr. V. Mangalam served as Superintendent of Royapettah Government Hospital. She was also a Honorary Presidency Magistrate and Justice of Peace in Madras, India. No doubt, the couple had no solace in life. It was at this juncture that they came in contact with Shri Swami Sivananda, the Sage of Himalayas and joined the Divine Life Society. Both the founders of this organization earned enough money as a Doctor and Advocate by profession and could not get the real peace of mind and happiness in this materialistic world. Having got introduced to His Holiness Swami Sivananda they went with heavy tons of worries and miseries in their heart & met him and requested His holiness to pave the way to get peace and realization of this birth and the real happiness. Swamiji found that the couple are sanctified by ALMIGHTY to serve the community and therefore blessed them and paved the way in their heart to realize that by serving others one not only gets the peace of mind but also gets the opportunity to realize the truth of our own life. Both the founders got the right direction. In the year 1945, they were advised by the Swamiji to start a home for poor orphans and the weaker sections of the society . Established in 1945 with just 3 kids, Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram has now grown to be one of the most apparent and well-recognized social institution in India today.

    This is a pet project of the organization for the future of orphan children, who can be well shaped. The attitude and creative interest of our children is more technical than commercial. The present market trends does not give much value for a graduate or a post graduate. Hence, Sivananda Ashram plans to set up a polytechnic with all departments enabling the children to qualify them in a particular trade. This institution will help an orphan to get himself/herself technically qualified enough to get a job in the areas of mechanical, civil, electrical, electronics, computer science, and far more that is essential for the society. This project will not only help 300 orphan children of Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram but also for thousands of orphan children in Tamilnadu. We propose to erect plant and machinery, getting recognition from the government, constructing a building and other infrastructures in starting a polytechnic. By the grace of Almighty, Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram polytechnic should start functioning within a year or two.

    The importance of Information Technology/Computer Technology is increasing exponentially in India. The frequent visits of the industry fame Mr. Bill Gates and even the back and forth visits of the leaders of the two countries (President of the United States & Our Prime Minister) can easily vouch for this fact. Even the villages in our country are slowly developing in the Computer field. Given the circumstances, as a social welfare organization we also propose to start a Computer Training Center not only to the kids of Sivananda Orphanage but also to as many orphan children coming out from various organizations in the State of Tamilnadu. We require at least 50 computers to start this Computer Training Center. It would be really helpful, if every donor who comes for a vacation from abroad brings us one PC/head with basic Specs & Configuration. Or a donor can donate a sum of Rs. 35,000 or $900 (which is approximately the going rate for a full-fledged PC here at Chennai, India) towards the Computer Training Center Fund. We are hopeful that many of our well-wishers will certainly respond to our appeal in this regard.

    Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram,
    No. 20 Kambar Street,
    East Tambaram,
    P. Box No. 8,
    Chennai : 600059

    Phone : +91-44-22392444,

    Fax/Phone : +91-44-22391078

    Cellular Phone : 98410 77690

    E-mail :[email protected]

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