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Department of Nuclear Medicine


Radiation Medicine, now known as, Nuclear Medicine, is a non-invasive and all pervasive novel specialty in the medical horizon. It is a branch of Medicine, which deals with Diagnosis, Treatment and Research, making use of Radio-Nuclides (R.N) produced by Nuclear Reactors and obtained through certain authorized agencies, in India & abroad. To indent these R.N., an Allopathic Doctor must possess the License issued by the Nuclear Medicine Committee of India (NMCI) in addition to the one, that is issued by the Medical Council of India (MCI). To use R.N. in a hospital, for patient purposes, the civil structure housing Nuclear Medicine Dept. has to be authorized, by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board of India (AERB), through the proper channel.

Research Activities :

=> Radionuclide Lung Perfusion scan and Venogram in evaluation of Pulmonary Embolism.
=> Efficacy of Oral Dipyrademole Thallium 201 Myocardial Perfusion study.
=> Role of Captopril Renography in management of Hypertension.
=> Comparison of Globe and Cortical Renal Allograft Perfusion Index.
=> Tc99m Scan in evaluation of functional status of thyroid.
=> Dacryoscintigraphy.
=> MIBI Oncoscintigraphy.
=> MIBI Mammoscintigraphy.
=> Dacryoscintigraphic evaluation of the naso-lacrimal duct, in patients having exophthalmos.
=> 99m Tc- ECD for Brain Scan perfusion study, in collaboration with the dept. of Neurology to segregate vasoactive defects from that of neuroactive cases.
=> 99m Tc - Ciprofloxacin Scintigraphy, in cases of P.U.O, in collaboration with the Dept. of

Future Plans :

=> To acquire instruments like Rectilinear Scanner, Thyroid Uptake Probe, Well counter with Spectometer.
=> To upgrade the present Gamma Camera System to a Dual head Variable Angle Gamma Camera System.
=> To start Nuclear Medicine High Dose Iodine-131 Therapy Centre.To have Positron Emition Tomography with Cyclotron system.
=> To install a Rectilinear - Scanner, Thyroid Uptake - Probe, Well-Counter with Medical - Spectrometre/s for imparting training to Post-graduate students of M.Sc.(MRIT), DNB(Nuc. Med.), M.D (Nuc.Med.) as well as to other P.Gs & Residents of SVIMS Medical-Complex.
=> To set-up a Nuclear Medical Physics Laboratory for teaching & Training of Medical and Non-Medical P.G. Students.
=> To procure a SPECT-CT unit with dual-head-variable - angle Gamma - Camera System, and commission the service to patients, which is on active process, under a Central scheme, launched recently.
=> To procure & Commission a PET-CT unit, along with the installation of a Medical Cyclotron for at site production of PET-Radiopharmaceuticals, which is on active process, under a Central scheme, launched recently.
=> To start a 02 year, job oriented Non-Medical Post-graduate degree course --- M.Sc. (Medical Radio-Isotope Techniques-MRIT) - to produce quality Nuclear Medicine Technologists, for future needs of the Dept. here or elsewhere,in India.
=> To organize a High-Dose-Therapy (HDT) facility, to treat Cancer Thyroid patients of Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh.
=> To set-up a Radiation Synovectomy facility, for treating patients of benign joint-diseases with intractable pain.
=> To install, 32-P treatment facility for patients with metastatic-Cancer Prostate, having intractable pain.
=> To impart training for those candidates, taking up the National Board Examination (NBE) in the Nuclear Medicine Specialty, and for candidates of other specialities to give a short exposure in Nuclear Medicine .
=> To start the Medical Post-graduate degree course of 03 years duration - M.D (Nuc. Med.) - for the first time in South India at SVIMS, as there is no such P.G. Course being conducted, in any of the South Indian Varsities or Institutes, for that matter.
=> Once the Dual-Head-Gamma-Camera & PET-CT units are commissioned, SPECT-CT Unit is envisaged to be procured. Simultaneously, Therapy Wing of the Nuclear Medicine Department will be organized shortly with High-Dose-Therapy, Radiosynovectomy, Radiolabelled mono-clonal antibody treatment etc.

Department of Nuclear Medicine
Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences (SVIMS)
Tirupati - 517 507
Andhra Pradesh

Contact No : 0877-2287777 Extn: 2340


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