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Department of Medical Oncology


The Department of Medical Oncology is an integral part of SVIMS university Cancer Centre and has been initiated in June 2001 for the first time in Rayalaseema. The Department of Medical Oncology offers comprehensive cancer care and is responsible for diagnosing and treating all cases of solid tumours and hematological malignancies. Medical oncology is the subspecialty of oncology which deals with the medical management of cancer. It treats cancer with anticancer drugs -chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, etc. The Medical Oncologist determines the proper choice of drugs, dosage, and schedule of the drug regimen to be given.

Cancer encompasses many organ systems and their complications. Cancer is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade adjacent and other tissues. Normally, cells grow and divide to produce more cells only when the body needs them. Sometimes, however, cells become abnormal and keep dividing to form more cells without control or order, creating a mass of excess tissue called a tumor. Tumors can be malignant (cancerous) or benign (not cancerous). The cells in malignant tumors can invade and damage nearby and distant tissues and organs. Cancer cells can also break away from a malignant tumor and travel through the bloodstream or lymphatic system to form new tumors in other parts of the body.

Projects :

=> Prevalence of H.pylori infection in gastric malignancies.
=> Immunological profile in patients with solid tumours before and after treatment.
=> Prevalence of pain in cancer patients

Future Plans :

=> The University Cancer Centre is in the process of upgradation as Regional cancer center integrating the Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology and Radiotherapy departments.

=> In this direction. the institute will have sub specialty training programmes in Medical Oncology. The institute requests for generous donations to accomplish newer research and service facilities including bone marrow transplantation.

Department of Medical Oncology

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