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Department of Vedic Studies


Department of Vedic Studies

School of Vedic Studies was established in the University in 1997. Many Seminars, short-term courses, guest lectures and public lectures in different cities in Kerala and different centers of the University were conducted on various topics connected with Vedas and allied subjects. These helped to create awareness among the vast knowledge reflected in Vedic texts. Great Vedic and Sanskrit Scholars of Kerala and other parts of India participated in these programmes.

The School of Vedic Studies also successfully carried out the international project of the audio-video documentation of the Keraliya Jaiminiya Samaveda chanting tradition. The whole of Keraliya Jaiminiya Samaveda chanting (all modes of chanting like RK or Arcika, Sama, Chandrasama, Uha and Ushani) were recorded. Total span of 95 hours of chanting was recorded. The whole recorded matter has been converted into CDs which is available for research and study in the University Library. The Samaveda tradition of Kerala is in the verge of disappearing. The University could preserve that tradition forever recording the same in audio / video CDs.

In 2005 June, the University started M.A. in Sanskrit-Vedic Studies which is perhaps, the first course of this kind in India itself. Traditional Vedic texts like Samhitas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Vedangas, (Siksa, Vyakarana, Kalpa, Vaidikajyotisa, Nirukta and Echandas) and traditional interpretation of Vedas are included in the syllabi. Along with that different knowledge systems that are connected with Vedic studies like Philosophy, Theology, History, Ecology and Environmental Studies, different modern interpretation of Vedas and the like are also included in the syllabi. Other modern topics like linguistics, Manuscript studies and computer are also taught.

One course for MA Sanskrit Vedic Studies is ‘Introducing traditional Vedic Chanting’. Traditional Vedic Scholars are appointed for this purpose as Guest Faculty.

Department of Vedic Studies
Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady
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