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Departments - Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, New Delhi

List of Departments
  • Department of Vastu Shastra

    Department of Vastu Shastra

    Department of Vastu Shastra Qutub Institutional Area New Delhi - 110016, India Contact No : (91) 011- 46060606, (91)011- 46060606 Fax No : (91) 011 - 26533512 / 26520255 E Mail : [email protected], [email protected]

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  • Department of Jyotish

    Department of Jyotish

    The Department of Jyotish conducts a 03-year graduate course- Shastri (B.A.), 2-years Post Graduate course,, Acharya (M.A) and Vidya Varidhi (Ph.D) Programmes, which aims at preservation and perpetuation of Shastric Tradition all the courses are conducted in Sanskrit medium. In addition to a one-year certificate course in Jyotish Pragya, a Diploma course in Jyotish Bhushan is also conducted under self-financing scheme. The department is further imparting basic fundamental principles of Jyotish and their applications in day to day life of the people.

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  • Department of Paurohitya

    Department of Paurohitya

    The department of Paurohitya is established with the main objective to develop and preserve Indian cultural heritage. The department offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The certificate and diploma courses are also quite popular attracting more students being practical- oriented and vocational courses of the traditional set-up.

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  • Department of Vyakaran

    Department of Vyakaran

    Prachin Vyakarana and Navya Vyakarana:- The Vyakaran department offers courses in Prachin Vyakarana and Navya Vyakaran. The courses at Shastri and Achaya degree level are in popular demand. The department regularly conducts discussion wherein the faculty members are thoroughly analyzing and critically studying various texts and language theories.

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  • Department of Dharmshastra

    Department of Dharmshastra

    The Department of Dharmshastra has a role in preserving the Smriti trdition. It has considerable importnce in the present day context with a lot of scope in understanding the ancient Indian legal system especially in the field of women, property rights and socially marginalized classes. In order to create awareness among students, components of the Judgements of the Privy Council, Supreme Court and other sub-ordinate courts are also includd as special papers.

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  • Department of Veda

    Department of Veda

    The Dept. of Veda exists since the establishment of this Vidyapeetha. The Veda is an ancient text in the world-literature. Veda as well as Vedic Culture is the inner soul of the country. Therefore India is called Jagadguru of the Universe. The Dept. of Veda works as the protector to save the ancient recitation of Veda and interpretation of Veda rituals.

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