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Department of Chemical Technology


Departmental Profile: Department of Chemical Technology was established in 1994 with the financial assistance from Government of Maharashtra. The main objective of the department is to offer opportunity to students for acquiring knowledge and skill in the field of chemical engineering & technologies required by chemical and allied industries to develop their promising career.

Highly committed to offer opportunity to students for acquiring knowledge, excellence in Research , innovation and skill in the field of chemical engineering and technologies required by chemical and allied industries to develop their promising career

To Provide a high-quality education experience and research in specialized areas of Chemical Technology for the benefit of society through problem solving competencies

Special Features:
=> ‘A’ Grade to the Department by Directorate , Technical Education, Government of Maharashtra.
=> International and National level collaborations
=> Linkage with industries and other institutions.
=> Awarding winning faculty with international exposure
=> Renewable Energy Park
=> Gold medals by Industries for department.
=> Funding from UGC and Government Agencies under schemes such as major research projects, Special Assistance => Programe (SAP), Funds for Infrastructure Development (FIST), MODROB by AICTE, Innovative Programe etc.


Course Name Duration Intake Admiss. Criteria Course Structure Fee Schedule Syllabus
B.Tech (Chemical Technology) Food Technology Pulp & Paper Technology Oil & Paint Technology
Petrochemical Technology
4 Yrs 15 for each Technology After HSSC. The admission is made by the Directorate of Technical Education, Government of Maharashtra through State level common admission procedure based on Entrance Examination merit. The course has approval of All India Council for Technical Education ( AICTE ) , New Delhi. Click Here B.Tech Ist.Yr Direction No. 21 to 23 B Tech Sem I to VIII X of 2020
M.Tech (Chemical Technology) in Membrane and Separation Technology under Innovative Scheme of UGC and Approved by AICTE, New Delhi. 2 Yrs 10 The eligibility for admission to the course is Graduate in Chemical Engineering or Chemical Technology. The admission is made by the Directorate of Technical Education, Government of Maharashtra through State level common admission procedure based on GATE Score. Click Here M.Tech-
I st.Yr
Ph.D. in Chemical Technology Students pursue Ph.D. degree through research in thrust areas using research facilities of the department. -


Research facilities in the department :- Major Equipments are
Research facilities available in the Department

Name of Equipments Modal/Make
1 FTIR Spectrophotometer Bucker Alpha II
2 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer 1800 Shimadzu, Japan
3 Batch Fermentator Sartorius, Germany
4 Oil seed Analyzer Insta Lab, India
5 Membrane  Bioreactor NAPRO Scientific India
6 MF/UF/NF/RO Membrane Plant Permionics, India
7 Gas Phase Analyzer NAPRO Scientific India
8 Densitometer DMA-35 Austria
9 Conductivity meter Metrohm, Switzerland
10 pH Meter Metrohm, Switzerland
11 Digital Balance Sartorius, Germany
12 Refractometer Atago, Japan
13 Viscometer Fungilab, Spain
14 Digital Bomb Calorimeter  
15 Nano fluid interferometer NF-10 Mittal,  India
16 NIR analyzer Insta Lab-700
17 Multi frequency ultrasonic interferometer M-81s India
18 Microscope CH201
19 Lavibond Tintometer England
20 Brook field Viscometer LVDV I Prime
21 Automatic titration Systronic, India 
22 Bursting strength tester  
23 Tensil strength Tester  
24 ISO Brightness tester  
25 Satflow slice crosflow system  
26 Micro ultra filtration system Permionics, India
27 Biostat B Plus Mo enrichment Reland, UK
28 Folding Endurance Tester  
29 Film Applicator  
30 Cascade CSTR K C Engg. India
31 Single effect evaporator  
32 Solid liquid extractor K C Engg. India
33 Stiffness Tester taber Type Tappi Std, India
34 Soxoplus four place automatic solvent extraction system  
35 Semi automatic sheet former  
36 Smoothness & Porosity Tester  
37 Membrane Reactor  
38 Membrane Casting system  
39 Membrane Reactor lab scale bioreactor  
40 Calendering Machine  
41 Integrated Lab Scale pilot System  
42 Petrol Engine Test Rig Honda, India
43 Fibre plus automatic fibre extraction system  
44 Fraction Distillation Assembly sieve plate K C Engg. India
45 Aerobic Digester Reactor vessel K C Engg. India
46 Thickener K C Engg. India
47 Universal Testing Machine Enkay, India
48 Extraction Unit K C Engg. India
49 Distillation Column K C Engg. India
50 Fluidsed Bed Reactor K C Engg. India
51 Fluidsed Bed Dryer K C Engg. India
52 Multiprocessor control Trainer PC based K C Engg. India
53 Refrigerated constant water Bath Genaxy
54 Pervaportion set up  
55 Plate Type Heat Exchanger System K C Engg. India
56 BOD Incubator Tempo, India
57 Orbital Shaking Incubator Walometra, India
58 ICE Making Machine Duncool, India
59 Precision Thickness Micrometer  
60 Lab Base Micro Oven  HBS Technology
61 Dropwise & Filmwise condensation App K C Engg. India
62 Membrane Gas Separation System Napro, India
  Computational tools/Software
  Gaussian 09 Stimulation Software


Ongoing Research Projects:

Sr. No Name of the teacher Program/ Project title Name of funding agency Duration of the project Amount
1 Dr.V.S.Sapkal – PI
Dr.R.S.Sapkal – Co-PI
Special Assistance Programe (SAP) UGC 2011-16 Rs. 55.75 Lakh

Completed Research Project:

Sr. No Name of the teacher Program/ Project title Name of funding agency Duration of the project Amount
1 Dr.V.S.Sapkal – PI
Dr.R.S.Sapkal – Co-PI
FIST DST 2008-13 Rs. 44.80 Lakh
2 Dr.V.S.Sapkal – PI
Dr.R.S.Sapkal – Co-PI
DRS UGC 2011-12 20.00 Lakh
3 Dr.V.S.Sapkal – PI
Dr.R.S.Sapkal – Co-PI
MODROB AICTE 2007-2009 12.0 lakhs
4 Dr.V.S.Sapkal – PI
Dr.R.S.Sapkal – Co-PI
MRP UGC 2008-2011 12.0 lakhs
5 N. B. Selukar Lab Base Economical Cracking Unit T.R.D.E.A. University General Fund 2002-2004 (2 years) 15,000/-
6 Dr. A. B. Naik Studies the plant growth regulator and some physico-chemical investigations of substituted thiazoles & their complexes SERB-DST 2014-16 12.0 lakhs
7 Dr. A. B. Naik The studies in synthesis of antibiotic drugs such as substituted pyrazoles and pyrazolines & their physico- chemical properties UGC, New Delhi 2004-06 45000/
8 Dr. A. B. Naik Development of Herbal based disinfectant TRDEA, Amravati University 2005-07 15000/-
9 P.A.PAwar
Development of Weaning food based on sorghum MFPI, New Delhi 2004-05 17.4 lakh
10 P.B.Shingwekar Manufacture of Resins from Non-traditional oils TRDEA 2002-2004 20,000/-

Students Centric Activity

=> Students Centric Activity Co-curricular/ Extra Curricular / Extension Activities:
=> NSS Activity
=> Handmade Paper Conversion Workshop
=> One Week Special NSS Camp
=> Two Days Handmade Paper Conversion Workshop was organized in the Department every year
=> Parent Teacher Meet was organized in the Department
=> One day workshop on “Holistic Care” was organized by Mr.Mohan Chute, Professional Trainer for B.Tech Students
=> NSS Unite of the department organizes blood donation camp every year

Prominent Alumni

Department of Chemical Technology, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati India

Numbers of students are well placed in Industries; Asian paints, Indian Oil Corporation, Jazeera paints, Advance Paints, Balkrishan Paper Mill, Hindustan Polyamides and Fibers ltd, Mumbai, Amul Dairy, Infosys, Aryan Paper Mills, Pvt. Ltd., Essar Oil Ltd., Pedillite Industries ltd. etc. A good number of students from every batch have been converted into entrepreneurs. Some of them chosen Banking sector and R &D


Department of Chemical Technology
Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University
Tapovan Road Camp, Amravati-444602,


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