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Department of Botany


Vision Statement

Strive for understanding the diversified facets of plant science motivating young talents and society to unravel the prime role of plants in evolution and synergy of nature.


Committed to achieve the academic excellence and promote research towards strengthening the students’ competence to fetch more and more opportunities in the field of plant science for better understanding of biodiversity and conservation strategies to sustain the life on mother earth.


To achieve academic excellence in basic and applied aspects of plant sciences.
To impart basic and advanced education to students through teaching, learning, research and evaluation.
To motivate the students to undertake research in basic and applied thrust areas of plant sciences.
To inculcate scientific awareness towards protecting diversity and Eco-environmental management of plant resources for sustainable development.
To inspire the students towards better understanding and use of IT/Computer oriented interphase.


Course Name Duration Intake Admiss. Criteria Course Structure Syllabus
M.Sc.(Botany) 2 Yrs 30 click Here Click Here
Ph.D (Botany) 6 Yrs 8 per faculty click Here Click Here
Programme Outcome, Programme Specific Outcome,
Course Outcome

Course Structure

The department offers a full time two years teaching course leading to master’s degree in Botany. The syllabus of Botany is being designed as per the need of academics and the guidelines given by UGC and various other competitive examinations. The department is involved in imparting basic as well as applied knowledge in the subject. It also undertakes research activities on National and International problems so as to have a deep knowledge of the subject. The department has intake capacity of 30 students for M.Sc.-I and M.Sc.-II.

From the session 2010-11 the University has started the M.Sc. Botany with Semester pattern in CBCS, having M.Sc. I with two semesters, semester – I and semester – II. M.Sc. II with semester III and IV.


Building/Structure For classroom Year of Construction Length Breadth Height Furniture available Fixtures available
M.Sc. Part I 1998 15.88 9.42 3.63 Desks and benches-10,Chairs-3, Podium-1, Lab Tables wooden-4, Specimen rack-1, Samples racks-3, Wooden Cupboard-1, Steel cupboard-2 Blackboard-1, Ceiling fans-9, Exhaust fans-3, Tube lights-12, etc.
M.Sc. Part II 1998 15.88 9.42 3.63 Desks and benches-12/Chairs-3; Podium-1 ,Lab table-2, Specimen rack-1, Book self-1, Steel cupboard-1, Wooden cupboard-1, Blackboard-1, Ceiling fans-9, Exhaust fans-3, Tube lights-12, etc.
M.Sc. Part II 1998 21.46 9.42 3.63 Benches and Desks-5; Chairs-50; wooden Dias-1; Specimen Racks-7; Herbarium Cabinet-2; Podium-1; Study Table-31, Benches-5, Bookself-4, Computer table-1, curtains etc. Blackboard-1, Ceiling fans-14, Exhaust fans--4, Tube lights-17, etc.
Research Lab 1998 16.15 9.42 3.63 Chairs-10, Podium-1,Woodent Cupboard-1, Steel Cupboard-1. Blackboard-1, Ceiling fans-9, Exhaust fans-1, Tube lights-11, etc.
Tissue Culture Lab 2000 6.23 6.12 3.63 Working Table-1; Chairs-3;Woodent cupboard-1, Steel cupboard-1etc. Ceiling fans-3, Tube lights-3, Air Conditioners -2; etc.
Bioinformatics Lab 2004 6.20 2.99 3.63 Computer tables-7, Chairs-7etc. Ceiling fans-2, Tube lights-4, Air Conditioners -2;wooden Ceiling etc.
Molecular Biology Lab 2004 6.20 2.99 3.63 Table-1; Chairs-3; Wooden cupboard ; Stools-2 etc. Ceiling fans-1, Tube lights-2, Air Conditioners –+2;wooden Ceiling etc.
Girls Common Room 2005 6.0 2.99 3.63 Table-1; Chairs-10; Book self etc Ceiling fans-2, Tube lights-2, Mirror-1 etc.
H.O.D. Room 1998 6.20 3.71 3.63 Office Table-1, Table-1; Office Chair-1; Chairs-6; Computer table-1; File rack-1; Book self -1 etc. Ceiling fans-2, Tube lights-3, etc.
Anti Chamber (H.O.D.) 1998 4.86 2.40 3.63 Table-1; Chairs-2; Steel cupboards-2 etc Ceiling fans-1, Tube lights-1, Mirror -1etc.
Lecturer Room 1998 6.20 2.99 3.63 Office Table-1, Table-1; Office Chair-1; Chairs-6; File rack-1; Book self -1etc. Ceiling fans-2, Tube lights-2, etc.
Reader Room 1998 6.20 6.20 3.63 Office Table-1, Table-1; Office Chair-1; Chairs-6; File rack-1; Book self -1etc. Ceiling fans-4, Tube lights-4, etc.
Office/ Store 1998 9.73 6.20 3.63 Office Table-1, Table-1; Office Chair-1; Chairs-2; Steel cupboard-4; Wooden chemical racks-3 etc. Ceiling fans, Tube lights, etc.


Research Projects Total Projects:
=> Dr.U.S.Chaudhari : 01
=> Dr.S.R.Manik : 04
=> Dr.J.A.Tidke : 04
=> Dr.Mrs.V.N.Nathar: 02
=> Dr.P.A.Gawande : 05
=> Prof.K.C.More : 01


Title of Project Sponsoring Agency Period Amount
1 “Assessment of Impact of Fire on Vegetation and Massive Plants. To propose criterion for fire line and their effective width”, Department of Forest, Government of Maharashtra क्रमांक/ कक्ष-४/ संरक्षण/ वनवनवा/ प्र. क्र. /५२४४/ २०१८-१९ दिनांक: ६/३/२०१९ 6/03/2019
2 COVID 19 Molecular Diagnosis Major 4/05/2020 Continue  Government Disaster Management COVID Pandemics ICMR DC Letter (Page 24 to COVID 19 Molecular Diagnosis Major 4/05/2020 Continue  4,00,00,000/
3 Bamboo
and Art Unit
DPDC Government
of Maharashtra पत्र
क्र. जीनिस/
जिवायो/ नापूयो/
/ २०१८-१९/ १०६४
दि. ०६/०६/२०१८
4 Pollen Database

=> Major Research Laboratories:
a) Plant Tissue Culture with Poly house facility
b) Bioinformatics
c) Molecular Biology Lab
d) Reproductive Biology of Angiosperms
e) Physiology and Metabolism

Herbaria with Plant Identification facility
Botanical garden with Research Field

=> Major Equipments:
a) Gas Chromatography
b) Tissue Culture Chambers
c) Electroporater
d) PCR
e) Sonicator
f) Millipore Water Purification system


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