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Department of Biotechnology


Year of Establishment : 1994
Department is recognized by Maharashtra Government for certification to start new Biotechnology units (Industries)

The mission of the Biotechnology Department is to provide its students with an education that establishes a strong foundation and appreciation for understanding the development in the rapidly advancing field of Biotechnology, to develop technical and critical thinking skills necessary for success in the field, to foster ethical behaviour, and to promote outreach.


Course Name Duration Intake Admiss. Criteria Course Structure Syllabus
M.Sc. Biotechnology 2 Yrs 20 Click Here Click Here
Ph.D (Biotechnology) 6 Yrs 30 As per Ordinance No.1/2016  
Programme Outcomes,
Programme Specific Outcomes and
Course Outcomes


Teaching & Research facilities:
Infrastructure - Equipment:

=> Millipore water purification system
=> Handey – Pea
=> CO2 Incubator
=> Fermenter (INCEL TECH)
=> nverted Microscope with photographic system
=> Transilluminator (Foto Dyne]
=> HPLC [PerkinElmer, Agilent tech.]
=> UV-Vis Spectrophotometer [Backman]
=> UV-Vis Spectrophotometer [Shimadzu]
=> Fraction collector [Gilson]
=> Peristalltic pump [Gilson]
=> Growth Chamber
=> Horizontal Autoclave
=> Laminar Flow
=> Cold Room
=> Electrophoresis system
=> Deep Freezer
=> Gel doc system
=> PCR (Thermal Cycler) (Biometra, Eppendorf, Corbett)
=> Gradient PCR
=> Incubators
=> Shakers
=> Biosafety Cabinet – II (Esco)
=> Ice Flaker
=> Nanosight LM-20
=> Electroporator (Biorad)
=> Biophotometer plus (Eppendorf)
=> Ultracentrifuge [Backman]
=> Fluorescence and Luminescence Reader (Biotek)
=> Zetasizer (Malvern)
=> Nano-drop 200C (Thermo Scientific)
=> Lyophilizer
=> Rotary vacuum extractor

Infrastructure Laboratories:
Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility, DBT:

=> Bioinformatics Laboratory
=> Servers High end -01
=> Server Low End -01
=> Desktops- 22
=> Network Printer -01
=> Scanner -01
=> HP Inkjet Printer -01
=> Router -01
=> 24 port switch -01
=> University Infonet Line
=> Software’s – Genocluster. Genieous Pro, Discovery Studio, Flexx, Graphpad Prism, Sigma Scan etc.

DST-FIST Facility:

=> UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
=> CO2 Incubator
=> Millipore Water Purification System
=> Handy-Pea
=> Computers, Networking

Other Laboratories:
=> Tissue Culture Lab.
=> Instrumentation Lab
=> Room for sterilization
=> Computer Lab
=> Animal House
=> Green House

=> Microbial Biotechnology Lab
=> Bioenergetics Lab
=> Genetic Engineering Lab
=> Metagenomics Lab
=> Bioprocess Lab
=> Nanobiotechnology Lab


Ongoing Research Projects:

Sr. No Name of the teacher Program/ Project title Name of funding agency Duration of the project Amount
1 Dr. Anita Patil-PI,
Dr. G G Mule
Dr.Hariprasad Paikrao- Co-PI
An inexpensive method for the determination of oxalate in urine and assessment of hyperoxaluria by nano- based paper strip technique. No. RGSTC/File-2011/DPP-166/CR-42 RGSTC, Mumbai (2017-2020) Rs. 34.76
2 Dr. Anita Patil-PI
Dr. D.P. Fulzele
Gamma irradiated enhancement of Artemisinin production from A. annua L. And process optimization in Bioreactor No.35/14/30/2016/BRNS/35106 DAE, BRNS, Trombay (2016-19) Rs. 24.83
3 Dr M. K. Rai- PI
Dr A. K. Gade -Co-PI
Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles, their nanofunctionalization by essential oils and evaluation of activity against multi-drug resistance microbes leading to formulation of antimicrobials No. DST/ INT/AGR/P-03/2015, DST New Delhi (2015-16) Rs. 11.94
4 Dr. P. A. Wadegaonkar Confirmation and validation of anticancer properties of Wheat grass (Triticum aestivum) using modern scientific approach F.No-43-76/2014 (SR) UGC, New Delhi (2015-18) Rs. 18.86
5 Dr. Thakare P V Co-PI
Dr Dhanwate- PI
Studies on bacterial colonization and prevention of biofilms in urinary catheters F. No 93-472/2014 (SR) UGC, New Delhi (2015-18) Rs. 13.20

Projects related to Infrastructure Development and Facility:

1 Dr. P. A. Wadegaonkar (Coordinator) DST- FIST -Funds for Improving of Science and Technology in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions (FIST) Facility for Infrastructure fund for improvement of S & T Infrastructure (FIST).(2018-2023) DST, New Delhi 76.00
2 Dr. P. A. Wadegaonkar (Coordinator) and Mr. S. D. Kove (Co-coordinator) DBT -Creation of Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF) For The Promotion of Biology Teaching Through Bioinformatics (BTBI) Scheme of BTISnet Bioinformatics Infrastructure facility (BIF) . Bioinformatics programme (BTISnet) during the 12th Five Year Plan starting from 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2017. DBT, New Delhi 50.72
3 Dr. M. K. Rai (Coordinator) And Dr. A. K. Gade (Dy- Coordinator) UGC-SAP Special Assistance Program -DRS-I with the theme of “Nanobiotechnology”. UGC, New Delhi 48.60+ 01 Project Fellow

Completed Research Project:

Sr. No Name of the teacher Program/ Project title Name of funding agency Duration of the project Amount
1 Dr A. K. Gade Green Synthesis of metal nanoparticles for development of nanoantimicrobials. F.No F 5-14/2013(IC) UGC, New Delhi 2014 Rs. 23.15
2 Dr Anita S. Patil- PI Process development and characterization Of antiurolithic activity of bioactive metabolites of selected medicinal plants from Melghat forest region (Amravati) No. RGSTC/File-2012/DPP-94/CR-12 RGSTC, Mumbai 3 Years Rs. 28.00
3 Dr Anita S Patil- PI In vitro production and process optimization of Camptothecin (An Anticancer drug) from N. nimmoniana Graham: A rare Endangered medicinal plant from Western Ghats of Maharashtra. F. No 42-212/2013 (SR) UGC, New Delhi 3 Years Rs. 12.19
4 Dr. Avinash Ingle-PI Synthesis of copper nanoparticles for the control of fungal pathogens of crop plants with special reference to preparation of nano-fungicides No.: SR/FT/LS-37/2012 SERB, New Delhi 3 Years Rs. 28.64
5 Dr M. K. Rai- PI and Dr A. K. Gade (Co-PI) Synthesis, Characterization and Bioconjugation of Nanoparticles and their Utilization as a Vehicle for Gene Transfer.( No. SR/NM/NS-96/2010 (C) DST New Delhi (Nanomission) 3 Years Rs. 89.95
6 Dr P V Thakare-PI AFLP and rbcL analysis of cultivate and wild medicinally species of Chlorophytum from India F.No.37-333/2009 (SR), UGC, New Delhi 3 Years Rs. 9.81
7 Dr. M. K Rai (PI)
A K Gade (Co-PI)
Prof Nelson Duran (Brazil)
Screening of different Fusarium species for synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their potential for development of novel antimicrobial agents DST/INT/Brazil//RPO-14/2007 DST New Delhi 3 Years Rs. 11.71
8 Dr P V Thakare-Co-PI
Dr Gawande –PI
Phylogenetic analysis of Dioscorea section Combilium, Lasiophyton, Opsophyton and Enantiophyllum based on chloroplast matK sequences and AFLP from corridor of Satpura Hilly Ranges and Western Ghats of Maharashtra State”. F.No 39-423/2010(SR) UGC, New Delhi 3 Years Rs. 11.00
9 Prof. M K Rai-PI
A.K Gade -Co-PI
Rapid detection of toxigenic species of Fusarium secreting T-2 toxin. ERIP/ER/0703648/M/01/116 DRDO, New Delhi 4 Years Rs 14.90
10 Dr A S Patil- PI In vitro production and optimization of antimicrobial secondary metabolites i.e Passicol from passiflora species No. SR/FT/LS-127/2008 DST, Fast Track, New Delhi 3 Years Rs. 19.58
11 Prof. M K Rai-PI
A.K Gade -Co-PI
Exploitation of plant pathogens for the mycosynthesis of silver nanoparticles for the development of novel antimicrobial. No. RGSTC/file-09/DPP-049/02 RGSTC, Mumbai 3 years Rs. 32.00
12 Prof. M K Rai-PI
A.K Gade -Co-PI
Rapid identification & evolutionary relationship of selected Indian species of Phoma by using RAPD-PCR and ITS-rDNA sequencing. F No- 33-242/2007 (SR)UGC, New Delhi 4 Years Rs. 8.35
13 Prof. M K Rai-PI
A.K Gade –Co-PI
Diversity of Endophytic Fungi in Selected Medicinal Plants of Melghat Forest. No 14-25/2008-ERS/RE Dept. of Environment and Forest, New Delhi 3 Years Rs. 17.00
14 Dr. P. A. Wadegaonkar-PI Studies on Isolation and Identification of apoptosis inducer as a novel cancer therapeutics from herbs. No.34-275/2008 (SR) UGC, New Delhi 3 Years Rs. 12.70
15 Dr A S Patil- PI In vitro production and optimization of antimicrobial secondary metabolites i.e Passicol from passiflora species No. SR/FT/LS-127/2008 DST, Fast Track, New Delhi 3 Years Rs. 19.58

Area of Research

Sr. No. Name of Teacher Area of Specialization Specific area of Research
01 02 03 04
1 Dr. Prasad A. Wadegaonkar Biotechnology Bioprocess, Drug Discovery
2 Dr. Anita S. Patil Secondary Metabolites Metabolites Purification, Biological Activities
3 Dr. Prashant Thakare Molecular Biology DNA Barcoding, MDR
4 Dr. Aniket Gade Nanobiotechnology Antimicrobial analysis, Characterization of Nano-particles
5 Mr. Sudarshan Kove Biotechnology Metagenomics and Bioinformatics
6 Dr. Varsha P. Wadegaonkar Biotechnology Bioprocess, Plant Biotechnology


Department of Biotechnology
Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University
Tapovan Road Camp, Amravati-444602,


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