Rajendra Agricultural University, Samastipur

Department of Agril Biotechnology and Molecular Biology


Students under Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India quota are admitted in the PG programme through JNU competitive test conducted on all India basis. Seats under RAU quota are filled up through entrance test conducted by RAU, Pusa Bihar.


Molecular Biology Lab.-1
equipped with : QIAxcel/ Thermo cycler/ Gel Documentation Unit/ Cooling Centrifuge/ ELISA reader/ Electrophoretic unit (vertical & Horizontal)/ Deep Freezer -800C/ Deep Freezer -200C/ Magnetic Stirrer/ Gel drier/ Digital balance/ Vortex/ UV-Trans illuminator/ UV-Torch/ Ice flaker/ Rocker (shaker)/ Micropipette/ Millipore water purification unit

Molecular Biology Lab.-2
equipped with : Gel documentation unit/ UV-Spectrophotometer/ Refrigerated centrifuge/ Deep freezer (-800C)/ Vortex/ shaker/ Agitator/ Micropipette

Genetic Transformation Lab.
equipped with: Gene Gun/ Bioanalyzer/ Thermocycler/ Gel Documentation Unit/ Electrophoretic Unit/ UV Spectrohotometer/ Ice Flaker/ Laminar air flow/ Deep Freezer -800C/ Deep Freezer -200C/ Vortex/ Micro Pipette

Biochemical Genetics Lab.
equipped with: Thermocycler / Orbital shaking incubator / UV-VIS Spectrophotometer/ Spectro-colorimeter/ Deepfreezer/ Refrigerated centrifuge/ Gel Dryer/ Electrophoretic Unit / Conductivity meter/ De-ionizer

Plant Tissue Culture Lab.
equipped with: Laminar air flow/ Magnetic stirrer/ Millipore water purification unit/ Temperature control unit / Photoperiodic timer/ Air purifier

Bio-imaging Lab.
equipped with: fluorescent microcscope with cytovision workstation, inverted microscope with micro-manipulator, stereoscopic microscope, fluorescent microscope with micro-photography attachment, binocular microscope with camera, etc.

Research & Development / Topic

Development of Hybrid Rice

A research project entitled Development of Hybrid Rice for Bihar is being implemented in the Department of Agricultural Biotechnology & Molecular Biology. The research activities under the project entitled Development of Hybrid Rice for Bihar include identification of sterility maintainers and fertility restorers of cytoplasmic male sterility system; conversion of sterility maintainers into cytoplasmic male sterile lines; development and evaluation of experimental hybrids; identification of hybrids with acceptable grain quality and resistance to diseases and pests for commercial cultivation; standardization of seed production technique to enhance hybrid seed yields; molecular characterization of sterility maintainers and fertility restorers; validation and utilization of molecular markers for identification of fertility restorers; and genetic purity assessment of hybrid rice using molecular markers.

Heat tolerant wheat
The research activities under the project entitled Enhancement of Heat tolerance in locally adapted wheat cultivars of Bihar includes characterization of available germplasm for heat tolerance, validation of molecular markers reported to be linked with heat tolerance and incorporation of heat tolerance into locally adapted popular cultivar(s).

Spot blotch resistant wheat lines
The research activities under the project entitled Spot blotch of wheat delivering resistant wheat lines and diagnostic and molecular markers for resistance dentification of Spot Blotch resistant genotypes in agronomically superior backgrounds, validation of molecular markers reported to be linked with Spot Blotch resistance and identification of new diagnostic traits for resistance.

Identification of novel resistance components for wheat improvements
The research activities under the project entitled Deciphering Phytohormone signaling in modulation of resistance to Spot blotch disease for identification of novel resistance components for wheat improvements includes phenotyping of RILs with respect to Spot Blotch resistance under protected & unprotected condition, Seedling/ Seed screening for sorokiniana infection and characterization of sorokiniana isolates.


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