St Anthonys College, Shillong

St Anthonys College, Shillong
City Shillong, Meghalaya, India
Affiliated to North Eastern Hill University, Shillong
Address St. Anthony's College, Shillong
Bomfyle Road
India - 793001
Phone +91 364 2222558 +91 364 2223558
Fax +91 364 2229558
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St Anthonys College, Shillong is affiliated to North Eastern Hill University, Shillong

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    From 1934 to 2004 is a long glorious march and St.Anthony’s is 74 years old!!! From its humble beginning in a makeshift wooden structure near Don Bosco Square to its present enviable stature of imposing infrastructure and outstanding output, St. Anthony’s College has come a long way telling the story of achievements, growth and consolidation. First ever Five Star accreditation by the NAAC in the North-eastern region, excellent service in reaching quality education to the door steps of the less privileged section of the society, pioneering student-friendly professional courses, ever increasing relevance in empowering the poor sections of the society, - all these have combined to keep SAC imposingly in focus. Many are the sacrifices made by dedicated missionaries who steered its course through difficult and frustrating times. Fond memory pays homage to these stalwarts of Don Bosco and does bring to light the earlier days around one. Fr. Joseph Bacchiarello, the pioneering Principal who during the British Raj, rose to the compelling demand for higher education to the deprived indigenous locals and started the college in 1934. Fr. Iginus Ricaldone (1935 - 1952) carried on with the new venture during the difficult times of the Second World War and began the process of expansion. Fr. DJ Wollaston (1952 - 1958) carried out further expansion and consolidation. Fr. Joseph Arokiasamy (1958 - 1981) was at the helm for nearly 24 years during which the College was transformed into an elegant epic of excellence and himself into a legend of a man. Fr. NJ Kenny , who was associated with the college from 1940, was looked upon as the constant symbol of St. Anthony’s College. He was Professor of English, Warden of the College Hostel, Vice-Principal and a permanent inspiring presence in the precincts of the college until his death in 1995. Fr. Paul Petta (1982 - 1986) began the modernization process of the college and shifted it to its present premises where in 1984 - 85 we celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the College. Fr. Stephen Mavely (1986 - 2002) was to bring about further expansion and consolidation. Many projects and programmes were launched during his tenure. Graduate Honours programmes in Pisciculture, Mass Communication & Video Production, Business Administration, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Media Technologies and Computer Science were introduced and this revolutionized the role of the college in professional education. A number of employment oriented short term courses and training programmes were offered mainly by the Pisciculture and Computer Science Departments. The SDS (Student Development Services), another innovative project of the College, was set up in 1995. It was sponsored by All India Association for Christian Higher Education. The SDS Cell provides personal, educational and career guidance to the students and conducts regular MBA coaching programme and Workshops on Communication Skills Development. St. Anthony’s College came to be looked upon as the leading example of daring innovations in the field of professional education. The Diamond Jubilee Annexe, the Anthonian Computer Academy and the complex housing the conference hall, Mass Media Department and the Language lab were constructed during this period and another floor was added to the main block of the College. Fr. Stephen further beautified the campus and sailed the College to its Diamond Jubilee in 1994, and to its Five Star Accreditation by the NAAC in 2000. One remembers with fondness and pride the teachers who made their destinies the destiny of the college. A few names come to light - KLS Sadhu. JP Khanduri, PN Chaurasia, Peter Marbaniang, GG Swell, Martin Narayan Majaw, Alexander Warjri, Korbar Singh, SN Paul, AB Dutta, KR Mukherjee, SK Chakravorty, DP Chakravorty, GN Talukdar, Jobren Khongwir, SR Bhattacharya and many others. Their story is a story of brilliance, dedication and almost brutal loyalty to the college. Gloriously shining in the light of the college they made the college shine by their excellence. They gave their yester-years of quiet co-operative labour so we can take pride in being Anthonians today. While paying grateful tribute to them and while basking in the luminous halo which they helped to create around the college, let us be inspired by their glorious example. Nostalgia fills the heart as it moves down the memory lane. But memories of the glorious past alone cannot keep us glorious in the present and take us forward to future relevance. SAC is a dream come true but not an academy for dreamers. We have our dreams but we are basically doers Ever More and Better Ever !!!

    The present leadership of the College consists of a bunch of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated missionaries. The present Principal, Fr. Ioannis Warpakma who took over in 2002 inspires with his exemplary simplicity and leads with personal discipline and hard work. Fr. Joseph Nellanat, who is in the College since 1987, is Vice-Principal and Director of the Anthonian Computer Academy. Fr. George Palamattathil, a US trained Counsellor who joined the College in 2002, is Vice Principal and Director of the Student Development Services. The College is rising to newer horizons of achievements under the present leadership. Besides the routine dynamism which the college exudes in academic matters, a number of projects and programmes are on in different fields. The College took the lead in opening the stream of performing arts and devised the course structure for Bachelor’s Degree programme in Music (B Mus). This innovative project aimed at cultivating and nurturing the love of music which is intrinsic to the culture of the North Eastern Region is awaiting the final approval of the University. The Computer Science Department, besides conducting its regular Diploma and Certificate Courses, is running a special six months’ teachers training programme. This is an ongoing project for five years sponsored by the North Eastern Council. Highly commendable is the College research programme in Organic Chemistry which has produced works which are published in reputed Science journals both in the country and abroad. The Pisciculture department regularly conducts training programmes in fish-breeding and farming for the locals thereby empowering them for self-employment.

    Special mention may be made of ‘Siloam’, a Centre for Psycho-spiritual experience pioneered by the College. A sprawling 14 acre campus on the enchanting shores of the Umiam Lake is being prepared to house this all important modern project for personal crisis management and conflict resolution. This project is for the benefit of a mixed clientele of professionals and students, youths, couples and families. This Centre, headed by Fr. George Palamattathil, the Vice Principal and Director of the Student Development Services Department of the College, will focus on psychological and spiritual development which would be achieved by pastoral and spiritual leadership programmes, counselling, and therapeutic support. This index of present activities shows the definite direction which the College intends to take in the future. This resume is just to remind us and others what we are and what we do. We still have to look ahead - to more deeds to be done, aspirations to fulfill and pledges to redeem. We shall never stop being relevant to the educational needs of the region. Achievements will not make us complacent and snobbish. We are not in an ivory tower peddling in Erewhonian myths and Utopian dreams but we have our feet firmly placed on the bare earth of realities. With seventy years behind us we certainly have a place in history. But let not our long tradition be a tail that will pull us backward to mediocrity and elitism. We shall not be wrecked by success but we shall strive on, Ever More and Better Ever, to newer horizons of intellectual excellence and social usefulness. Long live St.Anthony’s College.

    The Management
    St. Anthony's College, Shillong, is an educational institution of the Catholic Church, belonging to and managed by the Salesians of Don Bosco Educational Society, registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1890:No SR/SAC-227/91 of 1991. Guided by the religious and educational philosophy of St.John Bosco, the College founded in 1934, brings college education within the reach of the common man and woman. Ever since the college has been in the vanguard of higher educaiton in North-East India and has been recognised as one among the leading colleges in the country by the University Grants Commission.

    College Emblem and Motto

    The College Emblem holds a wealth of meaning. The ‘A’ which dominates the emblem stands for the Patron of the College- St. Anthony of Padua. The soaring eagle connotes the striving for excellence in every field that should be the hallmark of every Anthonian. The open book below says that it is learning and love of learning that is the primary preoccupation of the institution. Behind it all is a Cross, speaking of the love of Jesus Christ who gave Himself up on the cross that all may find salvation. It is the love of Christ that spurs the College on to greater heights of excellence and service. The whole is surrounded by a circular band in which is inscribed the name of the college and its motto- Ever More Better Ever. The motto is the translation of the Latin ‘Excelsior’ and it once again brings to the fore the striving for excellence that characterizes every facet of the life and activity of the College and the Anthonians.

    St Anthonys College, Shillong offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.

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    Bachelor of Arts (BA)

    St. Anthony's College, Shillong offers 3 Years Full Time Bachelors Degree in Bachelor of Arts (BA)

    View Details Duration: 3 Years    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Bachelors Degree
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    St Anthonys College, Shillong is affiliated to North Eastern Hill University, Shillong.

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