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Department of Translation


The Translation Division was established by Maulana Azad National Urdu University in July 1998. The main objective of the Translation Division was to translate and prepare study materials for different courses offered by the University.

In the present day context of globalization the importance of translation has enormously increased. The role of translation, especially in India, in its multi cultural and multi lingual scenario assumes greater significance. Urdu is one of the leading and widely spoken Indian language. Translation can simultaneously play an important role in the growth of Urdu language both in transferring contemporary knowledge and culture to/from Urdu. Certain issues of crucial have come up for consideration over the period of time. In the past various efforts made in this area by different institutions like Dilli College, Scientific Society and more importantly, Darut Tarjuma, Osmania University, Hyderabad are laudable. Though, these efforts were valuable the need of the hour is to extend this journey towards new destinations and keep the struggle in tune with the present pace of time.

With the help of study and reference materials produced by various institutions and keeping emerging linguistic and scholastic scenario in view, the Translation Division produced study materials through translation, adaptation and original writing. Thus, it functioned as the supply-line and backbone of the University as it was rightly conceived.


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