Master of Veterinary Science (MVSc Veterinary Biotechnology)

Master of Veterinary Science (MVSc Veterinary Biotechnology)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Masters Degree

Course Duration:

2 Year


Course Details:

The Master of Veterinary Biotechnology (MVSc.Veterinary Biotechnology), is a two years postgraduate veterinary biotechnology degree course in India. The Master’s Animal Biotechnology study is designed to covers the areas and topics of identification and manipulation of genes and their products, stressing application in domesticated animals.The study deals with all types of Animals. Veterinary Science is a specific term deals with the Medicines, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Principles to various type of animal.

The Veterinary Education program is implemented and monitored by Veterinary Council of India (VCI), It’s a statutory body established under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of India. Veterinary science is the application of medical, diagnostic, and therapeutic principles to companion, domestic, exotic, wildlife, and production animals. Veterinary science is vital to the study and protection of animal production practices, herd health and monitoring spread of widespread disease. The study improves the knowledge, mental ability and an aptitude to think logically techniques.The study is focused on theoretical and practical aspects of specialized medical subjects such as Principle of Biotechnology, Principle of Immunology, Molecular Biology, Fundamentals of Cloning and expression Vectors, Embryo Biotechnology, Advance In Cell Culture technology, Advances in Hybridoma Technology, Feed Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering,Animal Cell and Tissue Culture, Cell Cloning and Cell Hybridization, Animal Genomics, Bioinformatics, Advance in Vaccinology, Bioprocessing Technologies, Transgenic Technology and Animal Cloning.


BVSc & AH Passed. The candidate has to complete Bachelor Degree like Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc.Veterinary Science), or any other Bachelor’s Degree with relevant subjects, or equivalent examination, with minimum aggregate 55% marks, such candidates are eligible to take admission in Master of Veterinary Biotechnology (MVSc.Veterinary Biotechnology) professional study program.

Course Duration / Learning Mode

The medical study requires 2 years of the time period with an internship in India, It’s a Full Time professional degree course. The course is not available for part-time and under distance education mode as it's a practical based study.

Further Studies

If Candidate has the desire to pursue higher studies, in Veterinary Medicines and Surgery and wants one to gain more knowledge to accelerate their profession and skills can do specialization or Ph.D. (Veterinary Biotechnology) and also do specialization or research in the field of, Neuroscience, Small Animals Critical Care, Sports Animal Medicine, Drug Designing, Ophthalmology, Alternate Veterinary Medicine, Feline Medicine, Geobiology of Gametes, etc.

Career Option

After the successful completion of the Master of Veterinary Biotechnology, study program one can have excellent career opportunities in the field of Veterinary profession, in Private and Government sector Colleges and Universities such as Biotechnology Companies, Biotech Related Companies, Pharmaceutical Firms, Food Manufacturers, Aquaculture and Agricultural Companies.
The Master’s degree holder can be recognized as Veterinarian and work as, Manager (Food Supply Chain), General Surgeon, Professor, Lecturer, Pharmacy Technician, Biotech Marketing Executive, etc.


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