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Admission Notices

    The Great Professor Late professor Omprakashji Shinde.
    Honorary Chatrapati Rajshree Shahu Maharaj, Maharishi Annashinde, Honorary Jyotiba Phule, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, Sant Gadgebaba , -Omprakashji Shinde- he was born in the same clan. Had vision, was moved by the extreme hardship, sorrow of the people.The above mentioned noteworthy persons tried to allay the sufferings of the downtrodden people. The downtrodden community needed education, to become cultured individuals in society. This was the basic aim of Omprakashji, and he laid down his entire life for this cause.

    Upliftment of the backward castes was his basic aim. There are a lot of difficulties in village education. Understanding these difficulties in the society in which he lived, worked was his lifetime struggle. "Its my profound duty to give back something to this society" was what he used to say.The Honorary Omprakash Shinde thought that The most backward castes of society be able to educate their children.He thought there should be educational institutes for such castes.He decided to revolutionize the educational sector and being so inspired Hon. Omprakash Shinde started the "Rajaram Cultural sports club" by laying the foundation stone on the 14th august 1978. This was named after his mentor and Guru who guided him in his early endeavours.

    Roshangate is one of the least developed section of the city. In developing this part of the city educationally, small children were happily enrolled in the year 1978 at the "Rajaram balak Mandir " which was started at his residence where he was living. Government ensured that primary schools reached the most under-priviledged sections of society, yet it was unfortunate that most of these children were unable to reach these Schools. Hence he undertook to take the school to these children's doorstep and started "Rajaram Highschool" on the 20th June 1979 in the roshangate area.

    His learned wife was a teacher at the "Gujrathi Kanya Prashala". In order to ensure the burning of the fire of knowledge this most learned wife was asked to sacrifice her job at this Gujrathi Kanya Prashala, and the mighty weight of this Highschool was thrust on her shoulders. It was fortunately a success. Increasing numbers of students lead to extension of the school to Cidco N-6 area and some classes were started here.

    The visionary chief Minister of Maharashtra Hon. Yeswantraoji Chavan ensured that students of the weaker sections of society got exemption from paying fees and studied free. Taking inspiration from this The honorable Omprakashji named the school "Yeshwantrao Chavan Highschool" and inaugrated it at the hands of chief Guest Honorary Sharadchandraji Pawar. It was decided to impart free education to the poor children of the surrounding areas in the year 1983. "Rajaram Primary school" was started. But a child can only progress if he is free from disease, he needs to be physically fit and free from anger. To meet these goals and to ensure mental and physical growth the"Rajaram Vyam Shala" was established with latest equipment.

    In doing all these things he had to be brave and face difficulties on many fronts and work towards the progress of the organisation. The teachers were also expected to be of a certain caliber to teach students and ensure overall progress of the students. This thought did not allow him to sit peacefully.So on August 31st,1984 he started marathi and Hindi medium teachers training schools, making the teachers intelligent, multi-talented, aware of their responsibilities, and love of their country.
    Mahatma Jyotiba Phule was a luminary who recognised the importance of education. He was a great educator and learned thinker. His life can be called the great fire of thoughts and ways of living. He put forth the theory that without education there will be no growth of intelligence. So this teacher's college was named Savitribai. This Savitribai Phule Teacher's college has its graduates doing the holy work of teaching in the far corners of Maharashtra imparting knowledge.

    Society's orphans, those that have no support from anyone , those children who have not thought of getting educated, those unfortunate children need the support of the "Balvikas Kendra" started in the year 1984 to encourage their growth and development. Past chief Minister of Maharashtra Late Yeshwantraoji Chavan was very much aware of the support that these unfortunate children of the society required. So this institute was named " Yeshwant rao Chavan Balvikas Kendra".50 such children were enrolled who were without support from the society, and atempt was made to teach them and ensure their development. The Shinde couple had the slogan " Public wellbeing, public happiness. For this they underwent physical,mental, monetary, hardship and put in their mind, body and wealth in building this institution and were quite successful in their attempt in creating a behemoth in the field of education a money churner without doubt. " There will be progress in life, Knowlegde, learning will progress Such should be the book-teaching, in every village."

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    Bachelor of Education (BEd)

    Savitribai Phule D.Ed College, Aurangabad offers 1 Year Full Time Bachelors Degree in Bachelor of Education (B Ed)

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