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Department of Philisophy


The Department of Philosophy is one of the oldest departments of teaching and research in Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. The Department was established in 1961 by KUK through the approval of Govt. of Haryana. It took a quantum leap right from the beginning both in teaching and research. The department has been engaged in improving teaching methods and materials in consonance with the requirement of the fast-changing scenario of Philosophical Studies.

Vision & Mission of the Department of Philosophy:

=> To promote Indian Philosophy and Culture, Yoga, Spiritualism.

=> To promote Religious Tolerance by the Study of Philosophy of Religion and Comparative Religion to create an atmosphere of religious harmony and tolerance and to prevent communal riots.

=> To promote Moral Values for character building of our youth.

=> To develop Critical Analytical Ability to comprehend conceptual issue along with foundational rational insight in different domains of human knowledge and activity.

=> This is what the Philosophy in its strict academic sense aims at. Ph.D. research in Philosophy aims at critical-analytical investigation into the conceptual and foundational issues in regard to a specified field of study. This kind of research is different from that mostly undertaken by empirical disciplines like. Physics, Chemistry etc. on the one hand, and Political Science, Sociology, Economics,etc. on the other hand. Philosophical research is neither field study nor practical exercise performed in a laboratory; it is primarily conceptual, that is theoretically presupposed by all sciences and different forms of human activities. Consequently, Philosophical Research is academically inevitable for the proper growth of all sciences as well as for performance of all human activities with the understanding of their rational justification and a critical insight into their own conceptual structures.

Courses Offered

=> Master Of Arts ( M.A.) Philosophy

=> Master Of Philosophy ( M.Phil.) Philosophy
=> Pre Doctor Of Philosophy (Pre. Ph.D.)
=> Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D)
=> Diploma in Reasoning
=> Certificate Course in Bhagavad-Gita


Library : Facility of books for students exist at the Main University Library as well as in Departmental book-bank. Department is planning to have its own library soon.

Teaching Labs :


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