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Central Plantation Crops Research Institute
City Kasaragod, Kerala, India
Phone 04992-232 894-5
Fax 91-4994-232 322
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    The Coconut Research Station was established in 1916 and later brought under Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) during 1970 as Central Plantation Crops Research Institute. The initial mandate of the institute was on crop husbandry of coconut, arecanut, cocoa, oilpalm, cashew and spices. The restructuring process during VII and VIII Plan resulted in the establishment of separate Research Institute/Centres for Spices, Cashew and Oilpalm, but the institute continue to maintain strong linkage with these Institutions. At present the Institute has a countrywide research network of four regional stations, four research centres and 20 Centres under AICRP on palms. Besides, the institute also hosts the headquarter of Indian Society of Plantation Crops.

    To develop appropriate production, protection and processing technologies for coconut, arecanut and cocoa through basic and applied research.
    To act as a national repository for the genetic resources of these crops.
    To produce parental lines and breeders’ stock.
    To develop improved palm based cropping/farming systems through more effective use of natural resources to increase productivity and income from unit area.
    To collect, collate and disseminate information on the mandate crops to all concerned.
    To co-ordinate research on the mandate crops within the country and execute the research programmes under the All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Palms.
    To transfer technologies developed at CPCRI to the farmers through the co-operation of developmental departments

    The project on cropping/farming system aims at maximizing the productivity of coconut and arecanut gardens by raising compatible crops with integrated nutrient management and by including livestock enterprises. Cropping systems suitable for different regions including North East India and Lakshadweep Islands are being evaluated in this project. Allelopathic studies in coconut based cropping systems were also initiated. There are seven sub-projects on nutritional and water management Significant progress have achieved in soil and water conservation with bioengineering measures.
    On organic farming, the emphasis is on recycling of plantation waste biomass with bioagents such as local Eudrilus sp. And dissemination of the technology by distribution of local earthworm species. Nutrient substitution with Glyricidia green manure and utilization of biofertilizers of nitrogen fixing bacteria and P-mobilizers as nutrient source in coconut cultivation are the other major areas of study. There is also a project on linear spectral reflectance model for identification of root(wilt) disease affected coconut palms using remote sensing and GIS.

    Central Plantation Crops Research Institute,
    Kasaragod 671 124,

    Phone : 04992-232 894-5

    Fax : 91-4994-232 322

    e-Mail: [email protected]

    Central Plantation Crops Research Institute offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.


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    Central Plantation Crops Research Institute offers in

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