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Department of Information Technology


Department of Information Technology was started in 1998, offering B.Tech.(IT) programme under the affiliation of Madurai Kamaraj University. With excellent laboratory and research facilities, the programme was continuously affiliated by the Madurai Kamaraj University and later by Anna University. Accreditation of NBA committee for the under graduate programme of this department was obtained in the year 2004.

Courses Offered :

=> B.Tech in Information Technology
=> B.Tech in Information and Communication Technology
=> M.Tech in Information Technology
=> Ph.D in Information Technology

Features of the Department :

=> Have a good mix of young and well experienced faculty members with more than 90% of the faculties are registered for Ph.D and doing research in the different Streams of Information Technology.
=> A good library consisting of books in various streams, journals, magazines, e-tutorials as CDs, Question Booklets and various project reports for student’s reference.
=> A good number of publications in National and International Journals, and Conference are contributed from the department staffs and students.
=> The department is organizing symposium in the every year and National level conference in every alternate years.
=> Special Coaching for Aptitude Skills, Communication, GATE is offered for the department students.
=> Most of the Students in the Department are placed in leading MNCs in and around World.
=> Choice Based Credit System is adopted in the department for the students to take their own courses to study in the department on their choice.
=> Faculty Advisory System is functioning in the Department to take individual care of the students.
=> Special Courses and monitoring is done in the department for both Slow and fast Learners through summer term and Honors Courses.
=> Students are encouraged to attend Industrial Visits and Inplant Training to update their Industrial Knowledge.
=> Faculty members are encouraged to attend various Faculty Development Programmes, Conferences and Workshops to enrich their knowledge.
=> PTA of the department is well functioning for filling the gap between parents and teachers.
=> Alumni Association of the department is functioning well and maintaining contact with all the students.

Scope of the Department and Job opportunities :

=> Design and Development of Computer Software and hardware.
=> Networking
=> Analysis Design and Maintaining Communication Systems.
=> Research and Development in emerging Computing Era.

Infrastructure :

Digital & System Designs Lab :
The laboratory consists of hands-on assignments which accompany the lectures. The goal is to illustrate concepts discussed in the class and to give the students the opportunity to build and test real systems. The lab exercises will make use of the Digital Trainer Kits for circuit simulations and GPL Cver which is a state-of-the-art CAD tool for designing and implementing digital systems on Field Programmable devices (FGPAs or CPLDs). The assignments will introduce you gradually to the Xilinx tools and will serve to illustrate the material covered in class.

Communication Lab :
This laboratory is fully equipped with major equipments like Spectrum Analyzer, Phase Locked Loop, Frequency Synthesizer Kit, Pulse Code Modulation kit, Pulse Code De-modulation kit, Line- Code Encoding kit, Line –code Decoding kit, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Digital Communication trainer kit for doing experiments This Laboratory is completely sophisticated by all basic and latest equipments for doing all experiments which will meet the Syllabus requirement, project and research activity.

Multimedia and Computer Graphics Laboratory :
This lab has sufficient systems with higher configuration to widen Graphics, Animation and for system programming

Network Laboratory :
The goal of the Networking Technologies Laboratory is to create new economic and social opportunities by researching, creating, promoting, applying and commercializing new network technologies and applications with an emphasis on real-time, networked collaboration. The Networking Technologies Laboratory collaborates with key industry partners to identify and overcome technological and economic impediments in their businesses which can be solved using network and advanced applications research.

Programming Languages Laboratory :
The aim of this laboratory is to explore the mathematical structure to develop powerful techniques for writing and reasoning computer programs. The laboratory gives an hands-on experience in developing programs for Windows as well as Linux platforms.

Department Library :
IT department library is available for the department faculty and students for immediate reference. It consists of text books, reference books, journals, magazines, CDs, project reports in different disciplines. It has a books in the areas of DBMS, operating systems, programming languages, software engineering, internet and web technologies, mathematics, microprocessor, and competitive exam books.


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