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Department of Electronics and Communication Technology


Department of Electronics and Communication Technology


To build up man power suitable for industry in the field of technology.
To provide input / Consultancy in the field know-way to the R & D wings of industry.
As such, the vision of the dept is to carry it forward in the path-

"From Concept to Reality"


Electronics has always been a catalyst of development and growth of almost every segment of present day life. There exists a gap in the developments of Electronics between the developed and developing countries though it is showings signs of shrinkage. One of the reasons that had contributed to this gap was the scarcity of qualified manpower in the field of Electronics. However, in India, there is a general agreement that although the country has been producing an acceptable number of Electronics engineers, developments in the field of Electronics technology has been rather limited. The reason for this deficiency has been the existing divergence between the technology and the understanding of underlying science. The undercurrent of Electronics technology is science-based and there is a need to lay emphasis on knows-why concurrently to know-how. Present day education and training in Electronics has to be custom designed to the needs of the industry and therefore the educational and training system should have a constant rapport with the industry.

The M.Sc. Electronics Science Course has been introduced with the following objectives-

To generate manpower to be ideally suited for taking up design & development assignments in R&D organizations, Universities, in the Private sector and related progressive industries with R&D wings.
To generate manpower for getting employment in the industries and other Electronics based organizations of the North Eastern region and other parts of the country.
To facilitate the systematic study of Electronics and the associated advances in Science and Technology.
To nurture a platform for dissemination of Electronics and its research to the nook and corner not only of Assam but also the North East.

The original idea of a PG level Electronics Science course emanated as a specific recommendation of the UGC sponsored National Workshop organized by the Department of Physics and Astrophysics of Delhi University at the National Science Academy held from October 14-16, 1982. The genesis of the programme started with the argument that the gap between Science and Technology in Electronics Education system in India has gradually widened over a period of time with the consequent slowing down in the development of indigenous technology. To bridge this gap, a two year MSc Electronics Science programme was launched with the approval of Electronics Commission in the year 1984-85 in three Universities viz. University of Delhi, Pune and Calcutta.


The department has facilities adequate to meet the needs of the MSc Electronics Science course run by it. The following are the major facilities available for the students and research scholars-

Circuit Lab

This is primarily meant for performing experiments which are of basic in nature to fulfill the requirements of the course. Primary instruments are CRO (Cathode Ray Oscilloscope- dual trace in MHz range) s, Function Generators, Multimeters, IC Testers etc and all other associated components as per requirement. The circuit lab is used by students of all the four semesters as per slots provided by the daily routine. However, to complete the project works within the stipulated time, fourth semester students are provided extra time and space as per requirements.

Department of Electronics and Communication Technology
Gauhati University
Gopinath Bordoloi Nagar,
Guwahati- 781 014,
Assam, India.


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