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Ganpat University: Diploma in Engineering (DE) Exam Results

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Ganpat University: Diploma in Engineering (DE) Exam Results

Sunday January 29, 2017

D.E.-CIVIL Sem. - I Regular
D.E.-EE Sem. - I Regular
D.E.-ME Sem. - I Regular
D.E.-CE Sem. - I Regular
D.E.-AUTO Sem. - I Regular
D.E.-CE Sem. - II Remedial
D.E.-AUTO Sem. - II Remedial
D.E.-CIVIL Sem. - III Regular
D.E.-EE Sem. - III Regular
D.E.-ME Sem. - III Regular
D.E.-CE Sem. - III Regular
D.E.-AUTO Sem. - III Regular
D.E.-CIVIL Sem. - IV Remedial
D.E.-EE Sem. - IV Remedial
D.E.-ME Sem. - IV Remedial
D.E.-CIVIL Sem. - V Regular
D.E.-EE Sem. - V Regular
D.E.-ME Sem. - V Regular
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Monday July 4, 2016

D.E.-ME Sem.- IV Regular
D.E.-EE Sem.- IV Regular
D.E.-CIVIL Sem.- IV Regular
D.E.-ME Sem.- III Remedial
D.E.-EE Sem.- III Remedial
D.E.-CIVIL Sem.- III Remedial
D.E.-AUTO Sem. - II Regular
D.E.-CE Sem. - II Regular
D.E.-ME Sem.- II Remedial
D.E.-ME Sem.- II Regular
D.E.-EE Sem.- II Remedial
D.E.-EE Sem.- II Regular
D.E.-CIVIL Sem.- II Remedial
D.E.-CIVIL Sem.- II Regular
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Wednesday June 29, 2016

D.E.-CIVIL Sem.- I Remedial
D.E.-EE Sem.- I Remedial
D.E.-ME Sem.- I Remedial
D.E.-CE Sem. - I Remedial
D.E.-AUTO Sem. - I Remedial
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Title Posted View Details
D.E. – CIVIL Sem. – II Remedial 07 Dec, 2015 View Details
D.E. – CIVIL Sem. – I Regular Exam Results 03 Dec, 2015 View Details

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