Dr Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Ratnagiri

Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry


Mandate of the Department

=> To carry out education ad extension education activities pertinent to the field of Soil Science, Agril. Chemistry and Biochemistry.
=> To carry out the basic and strategic research on physical, chemical and biological process of soils of the Konkan region for better management of inputs i.e. nutrients and water.
=> To develop appropriate technology for sustainable crop production and soil fertility with efficient system of input management for the soils of the Konkan region of Maharashtra.

Courses Offered

Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D)

=> Advances in Soil physics
=> Physical Chemistry of soils
=> Soil Genesis and Micro pedology
=> Library and Information Services
=> Basic Concepts in Laboratory Techniques
=> Advance in Soil Fertility
=> Biochemistry of Soil Organic
=> Land Use planning and Watershed Management
=> Technical Writing and Communication
=> Intellectual Property and its management in Agriculture
=> Soil Resource Management
=> Disaster Management
=> Agril. Research, Research Ethics and Rural Development Programme

Master Of Science(M.Sc.)

=> Soil Physics
=> SOILS-503 Soil Chemistry
=> SOILS-504 Soil Mineralogy, Genesis, Classification and survey
=> Agro meteorology and Crop weather forecasting
=> BIOCHEM-501 Basic Biochemistry
=> SOILS-505 Soil Erosion and Conservation
=> SSAC-510 Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
=> Mineral Nutrition
=> Library and Information services
=> Basic concepts in Laboratory Techniques
=> Soil Fertility and Fertilizer
=> Soil Biology and Biochemistry
=> Analytical Techniques and Instrumental Methods in soil and Plant Analysis
=> SOILS-509 Soil Water and Air pollution
=> Experimental Design
=> Technical Writing and Communication Skills
=> Intellectual Property & its management in Agriculture
=> Management of Problematic Soils and Water
=> Agri. Research, Research Ethics and Rural Development Programme
=> Disaster Management

Bachelor Of Science (B.Sc.)

=> Introduction to Soil Science
=> Fundamentals of Soil Science
=> Fundamentals of Geology and Soil Science
=> Chemistry of fertility of forest soils
=> Soil Chemistry , Soil fertility and Nutrient Management
=> Soil Science
=> Fundamentals of Biochemistry
=> Manures, Fertilizers and Agro chemicals
=> Soil Irrigation water and Plant Analysis
=> Fundamentals of Biochemistry
=> Biotechnology
=> Rural Agricultural Work Experience.

Courses Offered


The Department of SSAC has four laboratories, one for PG students and three for UG practicals. All Laboratories are well furnished and well equipped.

Well equipped Central Instrumentation Center (CIC) for Ph.D. and Post Graduate students for research was established in the year 2001 under this Department. In the CIC, the microprocessor based instruments like Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, spectrophotometer, flame photometer; pH meter, EC meter etc. are kept for the PG student and university scientists research work.


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