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Department of Journalism & Mass Communication


Department of Journalism & Mass Communication

Today when humanity itself is groping in darkness, family system is breaking fast, the very fabric of society is under threat and all the pillars of Democracy are wavering ; Journalism aided with the powerful tools of Mass communication can once again play its crucial role, that nation has witnessed during the National Freedom Movement. More than Political efforts, it was the Spirited Journalism of Sri Aurovindo, Tilak, Ganesh Shanker, Gandhiji and other Stalwarts that prepared Indian Masses and the Classes for the decisive battle against the shackles of British Empire. Kulpita of DSVV Pt. Sri Ram Sharma Acharya as a Young Journalist of daily Sainik was himself an embodiment of this Spirit.

After Independence, the missionary spirit of Journalism faded away fast, taking off its moral values. Commercialism gained ground and today with its all technical soundness and enormous infrastructure, responsibility and core value system is lacking. In the rat race of TRP and commercial gains, it is often seen indulging in the mud bath of Sensationalism, superstition and irresponsible Journalism. The challenges facing the society, nation and the humanity as a whole, cannot be tackled with such a shallow Journalism. There is much to be done for the Journalism to justify its role as a Watch Dog of the society or as the 4th Pillar of the Democracy.

The need of the hour is the Journalism with human values and social commitment. The positive force generated by such a committed Journalism alone can be the sound foundation of the wider Change that every sensible citizen aspire to see from his heart. Department of Journalism & Mass communication, DSVV, Haridwar is a humble but a resolute initiative of DSVV in this direction. Kulpita of DSVV Pt. Sri Ram Sharma Acharya had started such venture long back since 1930 and met the challenges of the time effectively. JMC Department can be called the extension of his Journalistic vision and Mass communication efforts.

With this background, our endeavor is to make positive and creative use of the Journalism and Mass communication tools and forge Responsible Journalists who can deliver without compromising with core value system and without shrinking from social responsibilities. With this Ideal Department is slowly marching ahead with clear vision and determined steps. Though in its budding stage, the Department as a part of the Thought Transformation Movement initiated by Kulpita Pt. Sri Ram Sharma Acharya presently under the Sheltering Patronage of Snehsalila Shail Bala Pandya and the Blessing Guidance of Chancellor Dr. Pranav Pandya, is determined to be a positive and creative force of change, paving the way for the descent of the New Era. Every type of support, critical feedback and expert guidance is welcome in this noble pursuit of Intellectual Renaissance.

Department of Journalism & Mass Communication
Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya


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