Nuclear Research Center, New Delhi

Nuclear Research Center, New Delhi
City Delhi, , India
Phone 0091-11-26893955, 26892603
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    Research Centres in universities were emphasised in the national policy on education in the late sixties. In recognition of the long felt needs projected by the university community, the concept of the Inter University Centres (IUC) was accepted by the ministry in 1984. Nuclear Science Centre, the first in the families of IUCs, came up in 1984. Two more facilities, IUC for Astronomy and Astrophysics and IUC for DAE Facilities have come up subsequently.The beginning of the Centre was marked by the joining of the Director Prof. A.P. Patro and the Joint Director Prof. G.K. Mehta in December,1984. It was decided to purchase a Pelletron accelerator from National Electrostatic Corporation (NEC) with the capability of going up to 15 Million Volts using accelerator tubes of standard geometry. Later, after the installation had commenced, it was decided to change over to the compressed geometry tubes for achieving higher terminal potential.

    Construction of the building started in 1986 and was completed in 1989. The commissioning of the Pelletron Accelerator started in August,1989 and was completed by Dec, 1990. In parallel to installation of the accelerator, the responsibilities for setting up on-line facilities in the beam hall were also taken up. Group discussions were held periodically amongst the core working groups in different fields to decide on focussed areas of research and required facilities. An workshop, to converge on major research programs to be pursued, was organized in Delhi university during Oct, 1987.

    POST BOX NO. 10502
    NEW DELHI 110 067,

    PHONE: 0091-11-26893955, 26892603

    FAX: 0091-11-26893666

    Phd Program: [email protected]

    Msc Orientation Program: [email protected]

    About the Accelerator: Details of accelerators

    Nuclear Research Center, New Delhi offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.


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    Nuclear Research Center, New Delhi offers in

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        Nuclear Research Center, New Delhi

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