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Department Of Sanskrit and Lexicography


Department of Sanskrit and Lexicography is aimed at diffusing scientific knowledge in the areas of all fields of Sanskrit and Lexicography. Deccan College has a long illustrious tradition of Sanskrit studies. It started as Hindu College in 1821 which taught all Branches of Sanskrit. The Department of Sanskrit and Lexicography presently offers M.A. and Ph.D. Degree courses in Sanskrit and Lexicography. The Department has professional expertise. The faculty consists of experts well versed in various fields such as Veda, Vedānta, Vyākaraṇa, Śrauta, Mīmāṁsā, Sāhitya, Nyāya, Astronomy, Dramaturgy Dharmaśāstra, Arthaśāstra, Buddhism, Jainism, Tantras etc. Also the staff is highly experienced in the domain of Sanskrit Lexicography as they have been working in the monumental project of ‘An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Sanskrit on Historical Principles.’ Deccan College has a huge Library containing a large number of Books and Journals. It has also a rich collection of manuscripts in Sanskrit numbering over ten thousand which itself is an asset for the scholars in different fields of research. The Sanskrit staff guides number of National and International Scholars and Students in their various research fields. The Department imparts instruction and conducts research in all the branches of Sanskrit Literature. This is the only University that provides the Department for the combined study of Lexicography along with Sanskrit studies.

The well established Sanskrit Dictionary Project now forms a part of the Department of Sanskrit and Lexicography. It is an ambitious project of the Institute. The project was conceived and planned by Professor S. M. Katre, former Professor of Indo-European Philology and Director of the Institute. The Department has huge scriptorium. It consists of over one crore data references extracted during 1948 upto 1973, from 1500 Sanskrit texts right from the Vedas upto Hāsyārṇava Prahasana of 19th century, which cover the entire gamut of Sanskrit Literature. This scriptorium is the treasure trough of information which proves and will prove useful for the scholars forever.


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