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CUCET M A History Syllabus

Central Universities Common Entrance Test commonly known as CUCET is conducted for admission to Integrated / Under-graduate, Post-graduate and Research Programmes in Centres Universities. Ten Central Universities (Bihar, Gujarat, Jammu, Jharkhand, Kashmir, Kerala, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu) have joined hands and institutionalised "Central Universities Common Entrance Test" (CUCET). Thus, one single application and entrance test (CUCET) provides opportunities for admission in Ten Central Universities located nationwide.

This is part of PG Syllabus for CUCET

CUCET M A History Syllabus

Test Paper Code: PGQP12

Ancient History of India (10000 BC to 1206 AD)

Stone Age (Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic age), Chalcolithic Age, Indus Vally Civilization, Aryan & Vedic Age, State formation in Ancient India, Rise of Ancient Indian Empire ( Haryank, Shishunag, Nanda Dynasty), Age of Religion ( Buddhism & Jainism), Mauryan Age (Social, Political and Culture),

Post - Mauryan Period (Indo-Greeks, Sakas, Kushanas, Western Kshatrapas), Early State and Society in South India

(Kharavela, The Satavahanas, Tamil States of the Sangam Age; Administration, economy, art and architecture).

Guptas, Vakatakas and Vardhanas (Administration, Society and Culture), Regional States during Gupta Era:

The Kadambas, Pallavas, Chalukyas of Badami; Polity and Administration, Literature; growth of Vaishnava and Saiva religions. Palas, Senas, Rashtrakutas, Paramours, Polity and Administration.

Early Medieval India

(750 AD- 1206 AD) Major political developments in Northern India, the rise of Rajputs; The Cholas: administration, village economy and society; Indian Feudalism; Agrarian economy and urban settlements; Trade and commerce.

Medieval History of India (1206-1707 AD)

Establishment of Delhi-Sultabanate Rule (Mamulak, Khilji and Tughlaq dynasty),Administration of Delhi Sultanate (Military reform, Iqta system etc.), Art & Architecture Vijaynagar and Bahamani Kingdom (Rise, Social, Economic and Administration), Bhakti movement, Sufi Movement; Culture: Persian literature, Establishment of Mughal Empire (Administration, Society, Political and literature), Expansion of Mughal Empire(Babar to Aurangazeb), Rise of Sur dynasty, Decline of Mughal Empire.

Modern History of India (1707 to 1947)

Modern Historiography, Colonialism in India, British Raj & British Expansion in India,Imperialism, Social and Cultural Development, Structure of British administration (all Acts), Economic impact in British Period(Settlement) , Industrialization, Social and Religious Reform movement (Ram Mohan Rai, Swami Dayanand, Jyoiba Phule etc.), National movement in India, Mass movement and British Rule, Indian National Congress summit, Gandhian movement, Constitutional Development, Struggle for Freedom. European History French, England, American and Russian Revolution, World War First and Second.


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