Post Graduate Diploma Hospital Billing

Post Graduate Diploma Hospital Billing

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Full Time

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PG Diploma / Certification

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2 Years


Should have pass in graduation or equivalent

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Post Graduate Diploma Hospital Billing - If you have suffered an emergency, you may be left with a large Hospital Bill. This is true whether you have insurance or not, as some insurance companies only cover a small percentage of a hospital bill. According to Survivorship A to Z, doctors and hospitals mark-up their bills by 200 to 600 percent. This leaves patients room to negotiate with the hospital and its doctors. Most of the time the hospital will agree to lower the price.Hospital stays can be extremely expensive, even when you're just paying a 20 percent co-pay. Often times, however, the hospital over charges. You should always double check your bills from a hospital stay to make sure you're only paying what you have to.During the entire hospital stay, you'll want to keep track of everything. Write down the day you arrive and the day you're released. Make a note of all the doctors you end up seeing and every procedure you go through (x-rays, surgery, physical therapy). Keep track of everything you get extra such as slippers, telephone calls and food.


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