Post Graduate Diploma in Film & TV Production

Post Graduate Diploma in Film & TV Production

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

PG Diploma / Certification

Course Duration:

1 Year


The candidate should have pass in higher secondary or bachelor degree or equivalent

Course Details:

Post Graduate Diploma in Film & TV Production- Films and television presentations are powerful means of mass communication because they simultaneously influence two of our senses i.e. seeing and hearing. They delight the mind and provide relaxation to the tired and tense nerves through entertainment. Films and television presentations fascinate almost everyone. They are the most popular pastime for the majority of the people. The fact remains that films and television programmes are made by a group of professionals for an unknown audience. The magic of the moving pictures on the screen is created by their makers and, therefore, education and training of film and television producers is very important.Very large number of people work in the film and television industries and a large amount of money is being invested in the entertainment business eversince the cinema has been granted the status of an industry.


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