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Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Management (PGDCM)

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Management (PGDCM)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

PG Diploma / Certification

Course Duration:

One Year Course (2 Semesters)


Bachelor's Degree of any Statutory University or any Diploma awarded by Board of Technical Education of any State Government or Central Government, Post SSC three years Diploma with 2 years post diploma experience or Post HSC two years Diploma with one year's post diploma experience.

Course Details:

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Management (PGDCM) - The term Computer Management refers to the manipulation of documents and data in files on a computer. Specifically, one may create a new file or edit an existing file and save it; open or load a pre-existing file into memory; or close a file without saving it. Additionally, one may group related files in directories. These tasks are accomplished in different ways in different operating system sand depend on the user interface design and, to some extent, the storage medium being used.


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